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  1. Hi, Im just wondering. Would you guys use a chalk plugin to adjust images as if drawn in chalk? Please tell me or vote in the poll. (CODELAB BROKEN , WILL CREATE AS SOON AS IT IS FIXED)
  2. no just want a bit of fun
  3. sorry mods , please dont ban me!
  4. Guess the language!!

    guess: Na-k nerik yun
  5. Post your SPAM here!

    Coz it doesnt deserve to be locked...
  6. Rate the sig of the poster above you!

    SLOW internet dating!
  7. 15/10 ncfan51 , i like the firey effect and numbers 5 * !
  8. Hi , ill start it off , lloydo , OMG best name ever 10/10!!! (sarcasm)
  9. Hi , if you guys have got any rubbish , post it here , i might make a new avatar from it! :wink:
  10. Rate the sig of the poster above you!

    4.5/10 face is goofy
  11. Bullet holes Tut (100% complete!!)

    nice tut ash , you should become a mod
  12. 10/10 myriddin , you chose the right one