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  1. I was planing on entering this one, but everyone hated it... and after seeing the entries, I think that I better do a new one, I guess I know what to do now
  2. Lately, I'm saving all the works as a .pdn, but the thing is that with this particular image you have to flatten all the time, and saving as a .pdn doesn't save the history, so it's quite hard to know what you did after you are done with it. I'll screenshot the history of what I do in images like this, that way I'll know a little bit better what I have done. Has anyone tried to do it? I'd like that you would try it...
  3. @ Wither: wow, that was one of the worst ratings someone could give me on my sig... doesn't matter, I'll get better. yours... I give you 7.5/10, quite nice, but the colors aren't my liking...
  4. The letters are hard to read... Is that the supposed effect? nice use of effects, looks very realistic... 8/10 That was for Aguba... that one is nice, but not quite my liking... 7/10
  5. I did this photomanip a while ago, maybe I'll do a series that goes with it: EDIT: Here's the original
  6. Did you moved the range? What you have to do is move the color range (in the color wheel) to blue, that way, all the blue in that range changes to the hue you selected. The first slider is the Hue one, so you have to set it to yellow (first middle if I'm not wrong) and put it to Set, that way the blue will look yellow. You can try tweaking the other ones as well, see if you get better results.
  7. The Conditional Hue/Saturation plugin is perfect for you then
  8. Yes, entirely Paint.NET. I did post in the pictorium! (check the 708th page, I'0m sure it's in there) but nobody helped me, so I did this one. I'm sure that when I make more amazing ones I'll post them there. I did also read the rules. and, when I'm at it... Merry Christmas!
  9. Argh, it's too hard to reproduce! this is as close as I could get: Here's the history of what I did after the generic steps:
  10. I'm talking about colors here, and the effect it creates, glowing in the center and dark on the outside... The "waves" only takes me to a gray image... That's what I'm really asking here. No rudeness implied.
  11. Of course... there's a link in my first post to the "waves" tutorial... what I mean is if there is a more-or-less easy way to replicate it... I tried it and ended up with this: (Ignore the ball...) I had to use polar inversion to achieve that... which is something that, in here, seems overkilled... mmm, I don't know hot to achieve the first one though...
  12. The title is my main problem... I can't quite replicate this: can some do it? I know it's quite abusive to ask for this, but this is what's keeping me from advancing... I know I did the "Waves" tutorial (changing some parameters), and then some crazy stuff with curves, duplicate layers and blending modes, and then changed brightness-contrast, ending with glow... I'm sure pros in Paint.NET can do this without too much problem. I hope that I'm not breaking any rules here... Also, I hope that I'm not sounding like a helpless n00b that can't write well in such an amazing forum...
  13. Could someone help me? I did this a long time ago and I don't remember how I did this! Here's the image: One thing I'm sure is that I followed the "Waves" tutorial, with some modified parameters, and then did some crazy stuff with the curves and blending modes. I tryed replicating it, but I had no luck. Could you help me, please? EDIT: oops, I just realized that this is not the best place to put this... Yeah, that's also my avatar. I'll wait if someone helps, if not I'll just do a new thread for it.
  14. Thanks! it was fun to do, I'm sure people can do better things than this one, though :? Just look at what Ash can do!
  15. Hey all people! I'm some sort of "underground" user here, so you won't see me as much. Anyway, I just did this: Total cliche and noob, but it was fun. Now to work on some shape3D....
  16. Interesting to see so few southamericans around... but what a hell, I like where I live
  17. Is there an easier way to do this? only way I saw was to select all image, copy, select tab, new layer and then paste in new layer. Why there is nothing like the window that shows when you drag and drop?
  18. hey all, new here, blah blah blah... Being using Paint.NET for some time, really liked the "waves" tutorial and also I have been creating a lot of waves... Anyway, I just wanted to show something I just made, the best I've made until now: But it's not good enough, It needs a base, or floor, I'm not good creating those things... Still, pretty good for a newbie, don't you think?
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