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  1. They were good speeches, but why is everyone railing against Obama? From an outsider's perspective, the rest of the world are glad that America has a president who doesn't view American foreign policy as the be-all and end-all of world politics. Having grown up with an administration that propagated that view, it makes a nice change to see an American President who might consider that what America has said and done was not the best path purely because the decision was made by an American. Plus, could someone please tell me what is wrong with Socialism? You talk about it taking away from the rich, hard-working American, but what about when the bubble bursts? A hypothetical you loses your job and can't keep up the payments on the mortgage, which now the bank can't support for long without you paying. So no house, and no system to back you up well enough. Then, you fall ill - not a week of 'flu, but something serious, something for which you can't afford the boosted premiums for the insurance for the privatised medical system that America still uses. What then? Who can you turn to if you don't have a government that can keep you housed, fed and healthy from cradle to grave. You can quote statistics about privatised medical systems having higher survival rates for X or Y than nationalised, but if you can't pay for it, then you're going to die or be crippled permanently from X or Y anyway, 0% chance of medical help: family and charity can only support you so far. Rugged individualism, or justifying a system that allows for no safety net by giving to charity can not help you when you really need it. It works during times of affluence, but when the crunch comes, as it has, Socialism kicks in, as it has done many a time historically: look at vast projects like the Hoover Dam. Sure, the super-rich whose families have vast amounts of money to spend on the finest of chemotherapy and drugs for diseases of all magnitudes may complain, but if they have the money to support their purchases of vastly expensive toys from the mucking around of the paper economy, then they should have the money to support the proponents of the real economy. Oh, and BB, isn't the speed limit in the USA pretty low anyway? You get a say anyway: you just gave your "say", along with 130 million of your fellow countrymen.
  2. Don't worry... Five more years of standardised education will sort you out right: you'll be just as apathetic as the rest of us...
  3. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/us_elections_2008/7704673.stm This is why we in Britain all love Palin...
  4. Flight of The Conchords? They're a good comedy duo because they don't overdo the comedy aspect of it, and their lyrics are genuinely clever and humorous, unlike bands such as Tenacious D which rely on profanity and fart jokes to keep their audience entertained.
  5. Oh, that one! May 23 is mine... Bit of a way off yet until I can really start celebrating! Stuff Christmas, stuff Chanukah, stuff birthdays: it's the forum anniversary when you have to throw the party!
  6. Well, that's basically what my calendar looks like, but I'd put more detail into the entry. Which anniversary is it? The move, or just Day One of the magnificence that are these fora.
  7. That sums up my world view perfectly, Zach! Can I use that as my sig quote?
  8. Yeah, we had about two inches of snow in Hertfordshire (near Watford)! I'll post some pictures of it tomorrow, it looked idyllic walking the dog in the fields near my house today.
  9. Still is. It runs on a Google OS called Android, which, yes, is open source, but it still needs polishing off a bit. What I've read about it is that the G1 is good, but wait for newer, more polished iterations.
  10. Which artist? I can't find anything like that!
  11. I will personally gawp if you can get 300 posts in roughly 60 days, and make them all meaningful. No, wait, it only needs a PPD of 5... Much the same as some of our more esteemed members.
  12. Just switch without telling anyone. You only need to change the address for this place: it's the only one that matters. 8)
  13. Don't spam. Every time you spam, Baby Jesus kills a kitten.
  14. Nicely oxymoronic there... Oh, and Jake, where do you get those wallpapers from? They're great!
  15. ...If you now what I mean Damn, I'm feeling so hot right now... .:EDIT:. Joy! Post 800! Meh.
  16. Viorar Vel Til Loftarasa. Sigur Ros Agaetis Byrjun Pure, sheer, genre-defying, brain-bending, classically-arranged brilliance. Now Olsen Olsen, same band, same album.
  17. Rest in Peace, Code_Ember. You shall be sorely missed by everyone here, as well as by your loved ones out in the realms of harsh reality.
  18. I just feel that the spirit of "indie" has been betrayed by big record labels which have regulated what started out as an underground, independent trade, and the bands willing to sell what creative spirit they had by cooperating with them, in return for dwindling financial returns.
  19. Yeah, what's been happening is we've got more members since you've left, but they're the sort who disappear after their 100th post celebration. I'm 47th on the spam list! 8)
  20. Hey, I'm not an evil tyrant who causes explosions! I'm far more subtle and insidious than that. Lasers and propaganda are where all the dictators are at today. *shifts eyes* Now I'll have to kill you both. Minions, bring them to my lair! Write whatever you want about me... And if it does get into the bestsellers list, so much the better!
  21. Yeah, it's good to see you. Hey, have you thought about making it up, this biography? Talk about your friend Kevin, who has been herding wildebeest on the steppes of Uzbekistan since the tender age of 76. ... Or something like that.
  22. Real life intruded too much, has it? Don't worry: the same's happened to most of us at one point or another...
  23. uH, Enso is great! I love it. Where do you find this stuff? Oh, and Rubrica, seriously, don't stop posting here - we've all missed you here!
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