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  1. Just peasant class for those two. Second's the name of the game here!
  2. Hitman, Shadow, you've got the nail on the head! Why do people wax lyrical about charity, and the goodness of their fellow man, when they are too self-centered to help themselves and their fellow man with their tax dollar?
  3. Evidently not. Most people who argue against socialised health care haven't had anything major happen to them medically, I'll wager. If my family were American, my grandfather would not be able to do anything but kill himself due to the debt left from his wife's illnesses during the last decade of her life. She ended up virtually unable to do anything for herself after 10 years of virtually every illness under the sun. The money spent on her must have been phenomenal, and if it weren't for the NHS, my grandfather would have had to foot the bill for all of it.
  4. I left you both an entry in an assassin's appointment book.
  5. No, isn't it obvious? Africa is secretly the enlightened society where the Lizard lives, commanding his army of uncomplaining robots to create items of ridiculously advanced technology that can only be dreamed by us mere mortals, which He uses to manipulate us humans through factors such as the stock markets or meteorological anomalies. The Africa that we see is just a front projected from a satellite hiding behind the planet Rupert.
  6. Simon and Vista, congratulations. You have just removed me of my will to live.
  7. My happiness: I enjoy taking part in American political debates despite the fact that I'm not American.
  8. Whoa, wait a minute. Look at all the "great and good" of the world today: look at where they got their riches from: manipulating the world's economies and sucking dry the world's resources - hardly "great and good", huh? Should they count for more than the poor, owing to their wilful misuse of the world's great natural resources and the world money markets? Look at the rich men at the top who have plunged the world into an economic crisis: should they have a greater access to healthcare and other necessities than your hard-working American Average Joe who might actually provide a necessary service? Besides, who would lose money in a socialistic system? Not many, that's who. You pay taxes for a medical system, you don't have to pay $30,000 for that course of expensive drugs. You pay taxes for a welfare system, you don't have to live on nothing but fresh air and whatever any family might have. It makes financial sense as well. Oh, and Hyrule, everyone pays into a Socialistic system so that everyone can live, and there is no "get out of jail free" card: the system is in place to keep people able to stay out of "jail" by providing amply for everyone. Plus, despite what FOX has told you, a Socialistic government will not negate any accomplishments that you have made: it will merely enable you to get there that little bit healthier, and if you don't get "there", you aren't thrown to the wolves. Yes, and could someone please tell me the difference between a Socialistic form of governance and a democracy: it seems to me that Socialism is a logical extension of democracy: everyone has an equal say in governance regardless of status or wealth --> everyone has equal access to what have been described as basic human rights. Where is the major difference?
  9. Congratulations! I need to do that to my desk... I lost my keyboard yesterday under a stack of paper, books and delicately filigree'd china mugs.
  10. Whilst I accept that Communism and Socialism have links, I dislike the comparison between the two, especially considering the connotations given to Communism by many.
  11. I say a resounding Yes, Myrddin, and I agree with you on the Communism vs. human nature argument, but I wish people would stop comparing Socialism, which gives people equal rights and access to the basic requirements of life to Communism, which gives people equal material possessions and wealth. See the difference, anyone?
  12. Well, Gladi8or2, thank you for that! But I disagree with you on the right to strike though: we should have the right to strike, but that strike should be sanctioned by some independent group if it will be large enough to cause major inconvenience, or in some way checked so that it can not cause damage to infrastructure. Just look at the '70s here, and the three-day working week... And, David, you seem to have been born lucky. You have the intelligence to form a logical, coherent argument and from what I can read into your posts, you seem to be happy as you are.
  13. You get what you pay for. If you want assurance that you will always have some housing provision, economic support and healthcare from cradle to grave, then you've got to pay more for it. If you don't want pay, you're on your own in a struggle to survive unless you are born lucky.
  14. You give, you get. Think of it as an insurance policy for the nation. You pay taxes anyway, don't you? I remember someone, was it you, saying that they give to charity as a way of justifying the lack of welfare for those who need it, well, this is money that goes to help everyone in need, not just those who benefit from whatever charity you give to. Mind you, what did the Death and Taxes say for '09? It seems that over 500 billion dollars is going on war, with a massive spending increase on '08, whereas there's stagnation and budget cutting for the 68 billion you spend on healthcare for your own citizens. Here's an interesting one, though: monies allocated for housing for the elderly is going down by 27%, and housing for the disabled is down by a shameful 32%. Where is the justice in that? If you are disabled, and can not work to follow the American dream, then what would you do? What would happen if a hypothetical you were crippled in an industrial accident or otherwise severely damaged to the point where you can't work to pay for your house? What then if the budget cut there affects you? Can you rely on your family to support you for the rest of your days? Can charity help you when there might be the dreaded more photogenic case to look at first? Sorry if I'm sounding a touch cynical, but that's how it is. Oh, and BTW, the salary for the Senators is up by 11%. And it's more, at .9 billion dollars than the budget for housing of disabled peoples. More money is allocated to the Census, whose budget is up by 111% at 2 billion; nearly more than housing for the elderly, disabled and homeless put together. Oh, and yes, virtually all budgeting for healthcare is down on 2008, as well. You can see it all here :http://www.wallstats.com/deathandtaxes/ I'm sure that the 2.699 trillion dollars garnered from the American taxpayer might be better spent on propping up its own ageing population (look at the pyramids) than on sending troops in to other parts of the world. I'm not saying "same pay for everyone", I'm saying equal access to what are known as basic human rights for everyone, regardless of pay package. .:EDIT:. One good thing I can say, though, is that I'm actually loving the wall-chart. It's a really simple, easy to read condensation of what is probably one of the most convoluted budgets in the world. And interesting to boot.
  15. But that is Google Translate. It won't be a good translation. You should try to set up the forum if you can find enough people.
  16. Survulus, can you tell me the difference between a socialistic system of governance and a democracy? It seems to me that we have both over in sunny Europe. Gladi8or2, you are my new favourite person here! Thank you so much for backing me up on the European socialism deal... Oh, and David, could you tell me how allowing everyone to receive a halfway-decent standard of living no matter what the circumstances is punishing success? It seems like a form of charity to me. And it barely punishes laziness - you can only argue that with benefits such as the Jobseeker's allowance in the UK, which can be abused, but can also be exceedingly useful for those who are between jobs, and that number's only going to rise, whereas free healthcare for those who need it, how does that punish success? It is nothing more than allowing for everyone to have what has been described as a basic right by the UN, no less. This isn't Communism, nor Socialism, nor a privilege not to be enjoyed by those who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. They are basic human rights. .:EDIT:. David: What! Have you seen any news coverage of a European democratic election? Most serious candidates have socialistic views, no matter where on the political spectrum they are, and yet the elections manage to be completely democratic. But, then I suppose the flow of news only goes one way: I don't suppose the American press covers Europe and the rest of the world in the full scrutiny that the rest of the world reserves for American news and politics.
  17. He's just a man. A damn'd good speaker of a man, but still a man. Who did seem to have a better campaign, which didn't use racial slurring as a method of gathering votes, but that's by the by.
  18. Wasted a year of your life, huh? Don't worry, you could feel like me, that you were forced to waste eleven years of your life...
  19. Rant: Simon doubleposted. Rant: Happy anniversary Simon. Rant: How is that a rant in any way, shape or form? Rant: Rantage.
  20. Libertarian, huh? Sounds like a less incorrigible version of the Republican party. Mind you... Go afro-drug-related-banter privileges! Still, seriously though, they don't sound like a party I could not get along with in the driver's seat, with some policies I genuinely feel support for, but I can not agree with their policies on welfare and health-care.
  21. No thanks. Whilst I like the guy, I can't agree with his political views. Mind you, a flickering, hand-drawn-esque president in the Oval Office would look good on film. Especially when making addresses from the White House.
  22. Well, I'd rather neither and have some sort of total democracy: the people propose the laws, the people vote for the laws, you the people pass the laws, but you can't have it all. At least Brown hasn't expressed a desire to go to war against Russia.
  23. To be honest, the NHS is imperfect, but it is certainly a better system than none and a "help if you can pay" attitude.
  24. Palin? Less sensible, less knowledgeable, less reliable than Gordon Brown even...
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