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  1. You're all wrong, you know. He's really BoltBait.
  2. Wow. I'm really sorry to hear that! I hope both you and his family are coping okay. Glad you refuse to give in to the circumstances.
  3. RANT: Firefox takes up over 250mb of RAM. I only have 1024! :x
  4. And have you been forced out of your ancestral home due to it? Has your entire country flooded, Jacob? I'm fairly sure that the government of New Zealand have not yet bought a tract of land on which to settle their people should the worst happen: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/7719501.stm
  5. Oy Gevalt. What was the prize then? Oh, and about morals: I say that the most basic of morality, such as not killing, and the ideas of altruism which allow humanity to function as a society are hard-wired into the brain, but the more difficult concepts, such as problems concerning property and feelings of others have to be taught: look at babies - they can interact from a very early age, but not are not socially apt until older and more experienced in social interactions with people other than parents.
  6. Don't we all just love unsubstantiated claims?
  7. I know that this is puerile, but there are times when the situation requires one of these, just needs it: LOL!
  8. Problem is, they're all anonymous so it'd be very hard to get them. A friend and I rickrolled someone in real life today...
  9. It's a very well-taken photo, but it's incredibly noisy and lacks contrast. It's not your fault, but the camera's.
  10. Maybe on your phone screen it is, but trust me, if you ever try to print one of those photos out or view them on a decent screen, the picture quality is pathetic compared to even a decent digicam, let alone a DSLR.
  11. Because, on the whole, mobile phone cameras aren't worth the glass in their lens. And that's always awful, too. In most cases, the sensor behind the lens has better refracting properties than the glass in the lens itself: most professional and semi-pro photographers know that the lenses are what's worth the money in an SLR system. Myrddin! You're back! Back to the internets, from life's cruel claws... How was the real world?
  12. Oh yeah, that one. I was wondering if I should point that one out, but you beat me there! That turned a bit ugly... Here it is!
  13. Our English teacher gave up on trying to teach my English set several months ago, and has degenerated into a machine capable only of spewing savage irony.
  14. And yet... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/7749474.stm Oh dear.
  15. Hate to spout this old chestnut but: It's not what gun you have, it's what you do with it. That said, I wouldn't ban guns, what I'd do is ban automatic guns and large-calibre weapons from general sale, and I'd license the right to own a gun in the same manner that the right to drive a car is regulated. I'd have a testing system, with knowledge test, ethical questions and some sort of psychological check on the applicant. I'm aware that the US already has a system of gun licences, but how far does that go? David, I see what you're saying, and I see how under the circumstances gun ownership can be a good thing, but I still think that they're too easy to get at. Oh, and Survulus, napalm is easy to make... All you need is . My Chemistry teacher taught us...
  16. Well, listen to a bit of David Bowie (Wiki this) then. He made music in every genre you would care to listen to, and more. Although, I'm not sure whether his ch-ch-changes can be called evolution, or would more accurately be called random mutation.
  17. Mmm... Meat... I would commit murder for a slab of Chateaubriand right now. Medium or medium rare. A splash of gravy and some hot, fat chips, fluffy and crispy wouldn't go amiss either. And maybe a nice cup of Italian coffee afterwards, with just the right amount of cream in. *drools*
  18. I suppose I could put up with what Sozo was asking for...
  19. Well, I guess that there are good examples of all genres, but most of what gets through to the general public, mostly through the sadly mutilated radio stations, is complete bloody potato. If radio was still as good as it allegedly was in its heyday, then the public would have much wider perspectives on music, in all likelihood.
  20. Whilst I am entirely against censorship under normal circumstances, and would fight against it, there are just some times when it sounds like a decent idea. Like Soulja Boy, for example, or misogynistic crud like that, or some other [c]rap I've heard shaking the tarmac from some boy racer chav's car. It should at least not get past quality control. And, David, when have record labels been concerned about their images since the Big Four (EMI, Sony/BMG, UMG and Time Warner) emerged as the market leaders. I mean, look at DRM and their slaying of the CD and LP media - that's just criminal.
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