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  1. Hi, I want to make crystal images, the one like Vista images in Paint.Net Can anyone please post some links which will help me... Thankx...
  2. Do you know a way to do it manually... I mean, the process...
  3. Ya sort off... Can they be changed to color...
  4. Hi, My friend had accidentally took pic.s of our party in retro mode. I want to change it to color can i do it with paint.net or any other way please help...
  5. Hi, I am Jats and i am new to the forum. I have been using paint.NET from around 4-5 months. Recently i had seen a picture, which shows 1 image when it is kept in the folder and thumbnail option is active. (Example: image of Boy and girl) And when it is opened it shows different image. (Example: image of only a girl) Is it possible to do with paint.NET? Jats