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  1. is basking in glory at new PDN forum! o.o

  2. That's what I figured, but, they would be for small parts, title bar backdrops, and that kind of thing. I have a lot more things to try, or want to try.
  3. U have got to show me how to do this kind of stuff. You have no idea how long I have been trying to achieve that Futuristic, professional, shiny glow! I just love your work, and the next windows should feature your window's glass! Keep it up!
  4. I found your 'SuperSpaz" siggy to be very AMAZING! Chea, that is something I would like to see me create one day. Really good stuff man. Keep it up!
  5. The backdrops are all very interesting, but fool around with image manipulation through effects. Instead of making just backgrounds, try making a foreground. Then, uncenter the main image, and put some other stuff in. It's all about experimentation. Your work is good, but if you keep with the same exact thing over and over again, you art will get old quick.
  6. I like the 3d-ness. It is a great demonstration of the power of pdn, and the power of your work. The only complaint Is that letters to me are just kind of plain. 7/10 Just made mine as of Feb/8/2010, hopes you likes!
  7. WOA! Two more of my pics, and I really like how they came out. See the two pics under the date: 2/8/2010! Comment please!!! :!:
  8. I have updated my Gallery! Only one tho, but I think it is totally worth it. That fist took me hours to trace with the curvy tool, and then to fill it, and stuff.
  9. I have got to say, My favorite is that "Heaven and Hell Siggy" that you made. This is some amazing work.
  10. I have led a confusing PDN journey, because I drifted in and out from it. I was turned on to it early 2007, and began experimenting. I only had the few plugins that came with the program, but I was excited with what I had. Then the same friend told me about the forum and how he used it for the tutorials, and I joined that May (the month, not a typo). So, I am not technically new, but I haven't been on since late 2007 really. I just got back into it after graduating high school, and enrolling at the Boston Architectural College. But, I still stick with the simple, which is experimenting. Rarely do I have an idea in mind as I create. I just render, and blur, and distort untill I am pleased with the result. The upside of this process is some funky looking stuff, and when I actually do have a plan in mind, I use what I previously learned to incorporate into it. So, even not being a pro by any means, if I were ever offer any advice: Experiment! If you get an artist's block: Experiment. Bored: Experiment. I have come up with a few nice works because of it. (Oh, and the tutorials section of the forum is a big help to!) Happy PDN'ing!
  11. Thanks for the comment, and green is actually mr favorite color. The first three are just ideas for the background image of a forum site that me and some friends have access to create. To make a long story short, the owner of the forums has had his site fail twice, so he has tasked it upon us to bring it back from the grave. As far as the color, I am just using blue as a standard. I think it is a generally nice color to stare at while browsing through forums, but as I am just realizing, the repetitiveness of the grid based pics may get annoying to look at while scrolling. Thanks again for the opinion!
  12. Below, you will find the PDN created images from various projects, started on January 20th, 2010 Please comment and let me know what you think, and how I can improve. UPDATED GALLERY Feb/8/2010 Uploaded Date- 2/8/10: Version One, small version of a possible logo for that all popular website of mine Version two, large version, and my favorite, of another possible logo for my website. Might even make a version for my sig! Uploaded Date- 1/28/10: This will be a possible icon for the website that has been mentioned multiple times below! Uploaded Date- 1/21/10: (Click to go to larger image) An actual mock up of the website using new and old background styles. Brick style internet background theme. Realized that it bears resemblance to the xbox theme. Bar EQ Music style with a depth effect theme for a website background. Or, Armageddon to an 8bit cityscape. Creepy Blood on Metal style for a website background. Blood on Shiny metal! Dots comming into focus style of a website background. I bet this background thing is getting annoying. Uploaded Date- 1/20/10: Hex Background for a website design, meant to be tiled. Lines Background as an iteration for the same website above. Not meant to be tiled (sample small piece) Star Background as an other iteration to the same website as above. Meant to be tiled. Special Thanks to MadJik for his amazing plugin package, and to all those behind PDN.
  13. I did some searching in the tutorial section, and did not find one pertaining on this subject. I would like to know if it is possible that someone show how to create windows xp icons for folders and shortcuts from start to finish. I don't know what format to save it to, or where to save it. I searched on google, and all of it wants me to buy some speciality program, and all I learned is that I need a bunch of images in a gif type file. Any help would would be awesome.
  14. If not, I need a guide. I see a lot of it, so I played around with the luminosity and the results were less than spectacular. Anyway, the project is to make like an electrified text, and the generators will be chrome. So, um, yea... Please help. Thank you. (oh and by the way, I tried search, and no results found)
  15. I don't know if anyone here plays Halo 3, but I love the theatre feature. So Far I have created three desktop gamertag personalities which are posted here. I took the screenshot on Halo, but edited them on PDN. The first one is my gamertag, the next is my bro's, and then my friend's (but he is not on Xbox Live). Enjoy! WARNING: Images are rather large, click at own risk! I am going to experiment more with these features. Oh, and feed back would be nice.
  16. This one is actually a project instead of an expirement. Well here it is: Pros: I actually got multiple images in one picture and it looks semi good! Cons: I used a last gen rifle with a current gen pistol. They don't look good together. The pictures of the weapons were already angled, and don't look right. What do you guys think and how can i improve it. Any hints are greatly appriciated.
  17. Boltbait: Already looked at most of em (yes, even on other pages) and only a few intreaged me to try them. Yata: My style a sort of a futureistic, type of looke. I've been experimenting with metal textures and some tuorial future designs, but I just don't like the results. I'll keep trying with the tutorials, thanks for the ideas guys.
  18. I see a lot of stuff you guys do with PDN, but I have hit sort of a block. I can't think of anything to make. I have only been experimenting with PDN and still haven't gotten much of a hang of it. Anyone got any ideas of something I should try? Thanks.
  19. Just a few new ones, and these are all based off the same thing. Plasma Glow: Heated Plasma Glow: (after playing with "curves") Heated Plasma W/ logo: (might make into a sig) All of em are 800x600 pix. Also, I am looking for insperation, any ideas would be nice. I am still new, so I want to learn how to make more powerfull art. Finally, nice work usedhonda and oma. Good work!
  20. I have read the freaquently posted improvement feature list thingy, and could not see what I am about to tell you about. Don't know if it has been posted before, or if anyone else cares, but I am commonly getting frusterated when I: 1. Go to create a line next to another and the mouse drags the origional line instead of creating a new one. (even if I click a few centermeters away) 2. Go to "move selected pixels" and the box ends up being too small so anywhere I click inside the box, it just resizes. Just consider this opinion
  21. Myrddin, your sig is good. I really can't explain what makes it so good besides the fact that it looks professional. 9/10 (cause nobody's perfect :] ) And, mine is currently still my first sig made with PDN. I used some tutorials, like Mad-Jigs (i think) cool text tutorial.
  22. Looking at some of your art, I don't see how I can even compete. That stuff is amazing. Anyway, here is a few of my own pictures: Crazy Artist (click for larger img): Symbol (Played around with Tube Oblique tool): Avitar Idea: And what do you think: Keep current avitar or upgrade to the one above?
  23. Not bad. Pretty cool. Once I get used to drawing cruisers and carriers, I will use those.
  24. Made with a hex plug-in. I like the effect: The "Enemy def platforms" arent that good, easier with Canvas X.
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