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  1. which is very @Khatyyy: Your avatar is too big. 100x100 is maximum. RULES
  2. My dog Souki dressed for Christmas :-P And this is her after she was being attacked by a skunk. We tried washing her with Tomato juice. It didn't work quite well she now has red beard (see image 1)
  3. hmm, I got the impression it wouldn,t be a pluging actually. More some kind of modification in the program's source. Well I dont think it should be so big. all it needs is to take the gif image and take the frames appart...
  4. Oh, I didn't realise lol. Well I was already using that for the pineapple. >Image number 2 on google's Pineapple search: now take a look at the pineapples on the flag: [/url]
  5. well your pineapple link dosnt work but I like the flag thingy. I'll simply take my current picture and make it an animation, it should be good :-)
  6. Gives the impression the shoe is somehow spinning...
  7. Yes, that's the other pluging I was looking at...
  8. So basically (took me 3 times to write that d*mn word!) I havethis sig that I always thought was good until I saw this forum and how you guys had sig that pwned mine. I was wondering if someone had an idea on how I could redow this to get an ownage sig... The basic idea behind this sig is to have: 1- A flag of quebec 2- a pineapple Thx in advance!
  9. yeah, that's the exact result I wanted. Thx dude.
  10. I love the 2nd, the 3rd and the fifth a lot. Very cool indeed.
  11. No I already saw the Toon effect but it's not what I want. If you have gimp, check the effect out on a drawn character type image. I found thi while surfing: Before After As you can see, it basicly add some kind of fat black outlines to the image... It dosnt seem so good on that image but it goes better on an image with a character...
  12. I would have 2 little requests that I would like to see very much in PDN. First, I was wondering if it was possible to have a support for animated gifs that you don't have to go on another program to get the images frames per frames. Something like a videoencoder...? Also a pluging I have always loved, the Cartoon Effect that you can find on other drawing tools like Gmp and PhotoShop (I think). Thx a lot!
  13. The should be different divisions, like: -Best Image from scrap -BEst modified image -Best image based on a theme
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