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  1. I do not know the term but I wanted to know how to use layers to wrap one image onto another. For example, placing a flag on top of an image of a mountain range so that the flag wraps to the contours of the mountains.
  2. I figured it out. Extracted file produced a separate folder not recognized in Effects folder.
  3. Yep. Extracted, unblocked, and it's in the effects folder for Paint.net but there is no alpha mask or displacement anything under effects pull-down
  4. I followed the usual plugin directions (download, extract, unblock) and it's still not anywhere under Effects. What am I doing wrong?
  5. I just uploaded the alpha mask plugin....but under which pull-down is it?? Or, better yet, how do I use it?
  6. What should I do if my uploaded version of Paint.Net does not contain a color palette?
  7. I downloaded the feather dll but my system won't let me open it. It says "....is not a valid Win32 application" what is my problem? Warren
  8. I'm new to Paintdotnet and I can't seem to get the gradient tool to work the way I want (to blend two photos, left to right). I have followed the tutorials (transparency mode, etc) and yet, when I click and drag, the area bleaches out! What am I doing wrong? Also, how can you blend just the edges of, say, an element that was brought into an image (someone's eyeball in the place of a sun as in a photo of a sunset)? Thanks, Warren Warsaw
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