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  1. I know how to install the plug-ins but for some reason im haveing a problem installing the text plugins. I installed it in the paint.net effects folder but when I open pdn and go to use the text it's not there. Can someone help me out please.
  2. Ok this after noon im really busy. but I will do my best to get it up by tonight. Im sorry but I dont know how to do screen shots. :oops:
  3. Ok I got it figured out. Crazy man dan, There is like 4 added steps to adding it with windows vista then there was with xp. But thank you for everything.
  4. Thank you for the advise. I will just keep messing around with it until I get it. By the way I hate windows vista! :evil:
  5. My applogies I didnt realize that was a trouble shooting question. And I am the admin of the computer. I dont know what to do. I was hopeing someone with vista could walk me through it.
  6. Ok I got a new computer about a month ago and my old computer had windows xp on it and my new computer came with windows vista. I new how to install plug ins with windows x p but im not very good with windows vista and it is completly diffrent. I was wondering if someone could help me out with this.
  7. Im looking for the render>weave plug in and I an't find it. I looked in the plug-ins and it's not int here. an some ne point me int he right direction?
  8. First Name: Jessica Location: Small town in New York Age: 25 Occupation: Stay at home mom Hobbies: PLaying with my kids...messingaround on PDN....an photography Favorite tech item: My computer and my camera Favorite and most despised software: Favorite - Paint.net most despised - AOL Favorite Book or story: Anything by V.C Andrews...her stuff is always mesed up Favorite game: Prince of Persia Favorite and most despised movies: Favorite- Any 80s made movie Most Despised - seven Favorite TV series Rescue Me Favorite and most despised band, song and music ge
  9. Dude you completly rock!! thank you so much it worked yayay I would post what I did but I dont know how lol imagine that lol Thank you so much Jess
  10. OK im new to PDN I have finally after 3 weeks figured out where the water plugin was lol. Anyway im havein a problem figureing it out...when I do the effect I either get the checkerd backround or you can see the whole picture through the water effect...like the rest of my daughters legs...im not really sure how to do this so can some one go into detail like step by step directions for me I would greatly appriciate it!! Jess
  11. Ok wait I got it....but it dosent look nearly as good as the main one and I have no clue how to post a picture of it in here lo....IM NEW !!!
  12. Im haveing a hard time with this one..im new to this im not really getting step 2..am I suppose to add a new layer or what am I suppose to do lol?
  13. I seem to be haveing a hard time with the firey text and im not really sure what im doing wrong. Can some one sendme another tutorial or something
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