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  1. because paint.net is for the web why can't i erase the lines in photoshop with an eraser?
  2. Hi, i was wondering if paint.net could have more features for people who use graphic tablets. For a start, it would be great if paint.net could had a pressure sensative eraser. The normal eraser erases the pixels completly, and leaves the edges all pixely; when it really should erase the volume and leave some opacity in the pixels by how hard you press on the tablet. If you know what i mean. This is my biggest request ever.
  3. Diabueteric - you have a bloated gold bladder. Sandaziumize - when your brain goes into a state of multi tasking at a phenomenal amount. :shock: They are only theoretical. They were once words in the english language, but banned for unkown reasons.
  4. Though the last time i used paint.NET was 3 month ish ago. I believe paint.NET will have everything Photoshop CS3 has.
  5. A question. What's the most complicated, most sophisticated piece of information out there?
  6. because you need a 500$ graphics card why does bill gates like bunnies?
  7. Nope, still happens, i clicked on the center of it. I centered it left it went right of screan, then i centered it left and it went the same direction.
  8. because people don't worship the sun anymore... why can't i past an image from my computer to a forum, but have to send a link to the image online?
  9. because the earth already revolves around Markz Clone 1. how come i have so much browsers?
  10. There in the title, it says the equation of life..., You think you know what it is? Is it a page long? is it one word? one number? a symbol? Is it even mathimatical? This little post is to express your creativity. Post what you think the Equation of Life would look like if scientists or watever discovered it. It can be anything you want. Here's mine.
  11. because the question you just asked me doesn't make any sense Why doesn't the earth revolove around me?
  12. Something is very wrong with your font alignment. Whenever i click align left it aligns right and goes off screan sometimes. Or when i click align centre in goes off screan. Is it supposed to be like that or not?
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