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  1. I made that one waaaayyyyy before I knew there was a BarkBark00 on this forums. It seems that he was taking a break when I started browsing the forums (around January). By the way, why won't anybody respond to my "cloudy world" pic on pg 246?
  2. No way! It's burning hot out here! Neeeddd Mountainnn Deewwww! There it is!
  3. nope all paint.net. just learned how to do the orb and cube and shadow and background text and gradiants from tuts this past month. think its blury because I made it much larger and then lost a lot due to resizing and saving as a jpg. OMA I know what you mean. The day I signed up, I resized the sig I had been working on for 3+ months to 500x150. It came out so blurry, I've replaced it with my current "BETA" sig
  4. 8/10. I like it a lot (I'm guessing photoshop?), but it's a bit blurry.
  5. I am the coolest of the bunch 8) 8) 8)
  6. Also available here: http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewt ... 5&start=45 Gangster Jerbert:
  7. its your avatar I just thought you have such great text in your sig it would make a good match to the sig. cheers OMA Yes, I know, I was just explaining why not :wink:
  8. :shock: PS, What is the maximum number of pixels x pixels possible on pdn?
  9. I got an image of a chicken, toon filter-ed it, and then did zoom blur deluxe.
  10. Well no one seems to be commenting on my other one, so here's a new one. This is the name of my studio I use for my wmm movies :wink: :
  11. Yeah, the reason it doesn't have my initials is because it is supposed to be abstract :wink:
  12. Yeah, since I just joined recently, I'm still testing out sigs/avatars. For all my temporary, "test" sigs, I put a beta sticker. If there isn't one it means that it is my permenant one. ^^8/10, but I think it could use a different background (Spike)^^
  13. Oh.. I thought you meant my music... Is that the first mod to post on the thread? Does this mean they don't disapprove of it?
  14. Rotate/zoom. But real 3d is not possible since this is a 2d raster graphics program. For real 3d you'd need something like Blender.
  15. Sure is! (But back on topic, 8/10 usedHonda) But seriously, can someone rate my sig yet?
  16. Ha ha! No...my sig inspired the phoenix tut. Not the other way around...there's no way I could make something that good! Are you serious?
  17. This was the first PDN picture I ever made, way back in January: Yes I know that it is grammatically incorrect (In a dark, cloudy world one star shines in a world of evil), But other than that, It's my most favorite picture that I made.
  18. ^9/10^ It's one of the best uses of the phoenix tutorial I've seen yet! I like the angle it's at also. EDIT: Does the 500x150 limit include text?
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