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  1. A poem: One day I was walking with my feet And I asked "What's the word on the street?" And the guy said Happily, with no hesitation Paint.Net is such an awesome treat! By the way search up "fish sticks" on youtube and click on the runescape music vid
  2. Go no'way! (Where Roald Dahl was born) :wink:
  3. My teacher says only stupid people cuss...my teacher probably wouldn't like you...slug+cuss
  4. Who are the other 9? You probably predicted this to be the next post...
  5. No offence, but that wasn't funny at all. But don't worry! Thats a good thing! I'm not dying! Go me!
  6. I was on every page of every thread. Evar. Yeah, I believe it. I actually know how to use the search tool...that's why I haven't signed up for the past..ummm...5 months :!:
  7. This should be the humor forum!!--ahhhhhh..*choke*...ahhh help me!
  8. I was on the 100th, 150th, as well as the 200th Well, I...I--I was on the 246th 8) ! Oooohhhh you got burneddd!
  9. Parched. Probably. That actually made me laugh, really loud, in real life Good one. Boltbait should be a stand-up comedian. CMD too.
  10. Parched. Probably. Well considering 98% of humans are made of water, i'd feel...dead.... What are the other 2% of humans made of? muscles, skeletons, organs, (or in the case of usedHONDA, engines )
  11. Parched. Probably. Well considering 98% of humans are made of water, i'd feel...dead....
  12. meh...I like your current one. Maybe if you changed colors.... :wink:
  13. *claims place on 250th page of forums* But seriously, why wont anyone comment on my "cloudy world" pic on pg 246?
  14. I had a pet germ named Phil. But then I took a shower.
  15. My teacher said that people who do that are mean. She says how would you feel if someone drained your water out of you.
  16. Did you know my brother and I used to have a pet snail when we were 8? But the day after we got, we found it gone. I guess it crawled to freedom... :?:
  17. I love history! It's my favorite subject! PS. I remember hotchick4u. She had an annoying avatar ahhhhh, the bad ol' days.
  18. The brand new Hindustan Ambassador Avigo. Trimmed leather seats...back seat reading light...able to switch from natural gas to petrol in a toch of a button-drooolll. I wish I had one... It owns BMW. BMW just got Beasted! :twisted: But in reality, I have a cruddy used Honda (no seriously, no joke. I have a used '99 Oddyssey) Same as below, 'cept its green:
  19. I have more pdn spirit than anyone else save CMD! 18.6 posts per day! 8)
  20. Thanks! But offtopic, what happened to your sig? (sorry I'm slow on things)
  21. And just to tick off barkbark00: For those who don't get this go to my post on pg 247.
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