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  1. Oh well. But can you put a sidebar on the forums that takes you to index.php?
  2. ^9.5/10 Your sig makes me laugh everytime I see it for some reason ^ Alack, once again my sig is thoroughly ignored...
  3. "The image type is not recognized, and cannot be opened" File Then the above happens.
  4. What about Illnab and Buzzkill? Don't get me started on Trickman again..... Don't worry, they all come back eventually! Remember when aatwo to a long break...
  5. I wish that if you click the top left logo, you would return to the mainpage, like on the PDN forums.... Sorry for double posting :oops:
  6. Hi Yata, I'm the first person to join! I love writing too!
  7. You know, you can recover those... If you left the Filetype box on PDN, just manually edit the filename and add the extension. I've had to manually change the extension before when I forgot and just typed bla.jpg in the Filename box and left the Filetype box to PDN. But the error message still shows up!
  8. Hey man, your not the only one! I made an awesome 95+ step avatar, and that glitch occured to me, so now I'm really mad, becuase I can't remember the 95+ steps, and eons of gradients, clouds, and blending layers. All gone! :x :x :x
  9. My computer is big since it's from '02, unlike today's small, slim comps. So you probably couldn't dodge it. Oh by the way, I'm using my other, old comp (from '95), which only has 7 gigs right now
  10. Are you kien of the art of writing forums? I love writing!
  11. Uh! I'm very ticked off and frustrated! :evil: :x :x I do a completely awesome avatar, over 95 steps, and because I accidently forgot to type in an extension (.png, .jpg, etc.), My awesome new avatar is gone! :x :x :x Don't even bother trying to console me, because I am in the process of ripping apart my computer.. :evil: :x :evil: :x :evil: :x
  12. Dude, your sig is waayyyy too big!
  13. is anybody else bored? only 3 people online...
  14. Nice! My work: I used orange border+dents+transparent gradient. I call it "forest fire!"
  15. Darn, you beat me to it! ...when you expect there to be unlimited un-do's on everything, including life
  16. Warning! Maybe flashy and annoying to some! User descretion (sp?) is advised! This might be a bit annoying, so I decided to not actually post it using img tags, but instead provide a link for the curious: http://whatisarchery.googlepages.com/gifimproved.gif
  17. Thanks! Yours is not really a sig...but it's a nice picture. I could've used it for my project on lizards...it would've been useful. But it's still a good picture so 8/10 Firefly:8.5/10. I like it, and it looks Ilnab-y, but I wish the colors of the bars were more vibrant. :wink: It's not that it's bad, it just seems a little dim. Brighten it up some...unless it's supposed to be dim..in that case 9/10
  18. Headin' down to Wal-Mart right now! Oh wait...Wal-Mart is evil....Look up Waldemart on youtube...
  19. Let it be known it is I who wrote the 3787th post! (nice box ash, very madjik-y!)
  20. But I'm vegitarian(sp?)! India...Hindu...remember?
  21. I like the chrome circle encasing the blue clock. How'dya make it?
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