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  1. Ok people, there's been a bit of a controversy over my current sig and avatar. I personally love the avatar so I'm keeping that, no matter whatyou PM me, but I agree the sig needs work. Instead of doing what a sensible person* like usedHONDA**, or Buzzkill would do (though not Crazy Man Dan ), I'm going to post a new sig and am asking you to compare to my current one. Well here it is.... By the way, I love your sig OMA! 10/10 stars! It's perfect! You're right up there with CMD and Madjik! *BTW2: a sensible person would actually change his/her current sig instead of making a new one **Please note that usedHONDA is an automobile not a person. The ncfan51 apologizes for any inconvenience.
  2. Could use some feathering. By the way, I'm working on my forth sig as we speak!
  3. Incorrect. Close though. *points to third stanza*
  4. I believe that there is a tutorial in the tutorials section on how to make clothing/skins for the Sims 2.
  5. The tutorial is awesome! My Work (with a bit of my tinkering of course :wink: ):
  6. Freak, I told you once, and I'm going to tell you again! Change your avatar before the mods do! The max size is 100x? . Your's is 101x85! ^^8.2/5^^
  7. When the light of day fades away; And the domain of the boastly moon rises in a gleaming fray; I come out; King of them all; Guarded by my loyal companions, the husband of Tellus, and the son of Caelus; I in my all my regal crimson pageantry; The envy of all the others; The product of a long line of potent pedigree; Am truly the ruler of the stars; Who am I? *The third stanza should give it away :wink: *
  8. Just because you've been on these forums longer than most of us, doesn't mean you can go above the limit. Do I see another height petition in order?
  9. Thats why it's cheating. The answer was already guessed, and the poster didn't know the answer. Thus almighty Google reveals the truth. Not cheating. But, maybe next time, ncfan51, just say that you're wrong-- don't tell the answer. Then more guessing! Oh come on! Have you ever seen a research paper without a bibliography? Besides, I wasn't sure if it was right!
  10. A Google search shows that the answer to this riddle is pressure. 70% of the people on various forums said such. ncfan, out 8)
  11. The Sun. I figured it out from only the first line. Polar Bears aren't white, their hairs are transparent. The sun reflectingon these hairs make them look a whiteish color.
  12. I'm the only linguistic! I feel so special! 8) **Sorry for the double post***
  13. The Seven Intelligence Areas Linguistic: 9 Logical-Mathematical: 5 Spatial: 8 Bodily-Kinesthetic: 3 Musical: 3 Interpersonal: 7 Intrapersonal: 6 I predicted that linguistic would be my highest, and I was right!
  14. You quit, and then rejoined? Sorry, I'm slow on things.....
  15. I really think Ash should get an avatar+sig. He's such an awesome forumer, but I really think he should put some creative juices into making an avatar/sig.
  16. I want something like that, but more of a corona (sp?) effect. If you don't know what I'm talking up, look at a photo of an eclipse.
  17. Yeha, I realized it when I posted the pic on the Art of Writing Forums. I'll fix it when I have time
  18. Ok, I have three canidates, and I have chosen! Due to popular demand, it's my current one! In the process of removing beta sticker..... DONE! **sorry for shouting! *
  19. OK, I'll change to dark crystal, when I have time :wink:
  20. Well, Verac, and Yata liked it, so I changed it..... :wink:
  21. Well, Verac, and Yata liked it, so I changed it..... :wink:
  22. *chang'd* :wink: Now I need to work on a matching sig...
  23. OH MY GOSH! SearedIce is back! He's online! :!: :!: :!:
  24. I wonder if it's legal to copy+paste it into MS Word, and then email you the file...
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