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  1. The Sasmung YP-P3 is the pwnerizer. It has a touchscreen, a Flash 8 Player, an FM tuner and recorder, and a sound quality that the iPod envies. The only thing it lacks is a web browser, and I don't really see the of point of having one in an mp3 player, but if you really want one, get the Archos 5 or Archos 7. The web browser beasts the iPhone's browser with an 800x600 resolution, and full flash support.

  2. Oooh. A new rendering engine. Sounds cool. :)

    Though, since when Firefox copied the Opera URL bar behavior you Opera guys were all too quick to point it out, I now get to point out the inline spell-checking and seamless update features that Firefox has had for ages. :P

    I can't wait to see what the Mozilla people do with the new Javascript engine they're writing. Supposedly, it's supposed to be faster than Chrome's.

    Yeah, it was sort of copying from Firefox, I'll admit. Sort of. :) The part that excites me is the whole "web fonts" thingamajig.

    @Mike Ryan- Yeah, I disabled it too. Hopefully it will get better later on.

    EDIT: And how did I forget to mention, Merry Christmas!

  3. Awesome pictures, everyone! It will be very difficult to choose a winner. I may need all of your help!
    It's hard to find a picture of the real BoltBait in a suit.

    Look here: http://www.geocities.com/boltbaits/picture/

    I just edited in a few more links to source pictures into the initial post on this thread. Hope this sparks some more creativity!

    EDIT: Yes, multiple entries are encouraged. They increase the odds of you winning!

    OH MY GOD! Boltbait at 27! :shock:

  4. Global Warming is a creation of the media.

    If global warming is already such a problem and cities will be sunk, then why have no towns near to coastlines flooded yet?

    If the ice caps are melting, why is the sea level not rising?

    The ice caps are in fact not melting, they have acctually grown in size over the last 10 years.

    The data showing that the world is heating is unreliable. Many of the thermometres that measure this are at altitude, this is to get a fair reading. But the only way to get them at such altitudes in some places is to place them on top of active volcanoes, which makes the temperatures fluctuate greatly.

    I could go on... but i'm tired

    No, global warming is not the creation of the media.

    Yes, even an entire country is on the verge of flooding and disappearing--it's called Tuvalu. And IIRC, there's an Inuit town in Alaska that starts with a K or something that has almost completely falllen victim to the seas.

    I would like to know from whom you got the information that they have been growing in size for the last 10 years. There has been a net loss since 1998.

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