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  1. Jepp, I fixed it. Actually I haven't tested it that much so please tell me the bugs . By the way... a Visual Studio 2005 template for creating WPF plug-ins can be found under the Effect-programming-section in the forum. /a
  2. This is a plug-in for converting color images to grayscale. The plug-in allow you to set how much the different color channels will influence the resulting grayscale. You can select to lock the luminance in the image or unlock it to e.g. get an over/under exposed image. You can download the plug-in here 070515. Installtion: Place the downloaded file (GreyscaleWPF.dll) in the Paint.NET Effects folder. It will appear in a submenu called Dobu. It will take some seconds to load the plug-in. Be patient. NOTE: You MUST have .NET 3.0 installed on your computer, download the runtime from Microsoft. This plug-in uses Windows Presentation Foundation which is a part of .NET 3.0. Edited: Ok sorry, XP didn't like the opacity stuff so after turning it off it should work. I will test it a little bit more but the file is updated so you can try again. //Anders http://www.bursjoo.se
  3. This Visual Studio 2005 template is a modification of the previous published project template (published by Michael Sepcot). The difference is that in this template you can use Windows Presentation Foundation to create your Effect-dialogs. It is a C# Project template and you can use C# and XAML to create your GUI. As default the template will implement a very simple effect (multiply the input image with a factor). You can download the Visual Studio 2005 Template here. Installation: Place the downloaded .zip-file in your template folder (e.g. …\Visual Studio 2005\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C#\), do NOT unzip the file. Then start Visual Studio and in the Visual C# category you will find EffectsPluginTemplate(WPF). NOTE: You must have .NET 3.0 installed on your computer! You find it here. When a WPF-effect is loaded by Paint.NET, it will take some seconds to load the plug-in because .NET 3.0 libraries must also be loaded. Credits to Michael Sepcots that created the first project template: You can find his template here: http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=2618. Also visit this link to get more installation and usage details. Updated: The template now works on Windows XP. //Anders http://www.bursjoo.se
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