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  1. With a lot of practice (all together about 2 hours hehe) I can do it! ^_^ try with a sharpie, they work best : )
  2. mmhhh... genre:rock (yeah, I know that's very general, but I like all kinds from punk rock to hairbands to indie) Band/artist: hmm... Green Day, Simple Plan, My Chemical Romance, Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi Song: Contact from the musical RENT
  3. This is funny, I was just looking for them and I found them and I'm all like "now what?" hehe, I really want to know the easiest way to make some of my pics look all 3d-ifide ^_^
  4. thanks ^_^ yeah, without the smoke, it looked really bare
  5. thanks a lot usedHONDA, I'm not too good, but I'm trying! It's a really good progam, I am in love with it ^_^
  6. This is the first thing I made that looked decent ^_^ I'm new to the program and the website so yeah... It's a fire underwater ^_^
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