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  1. I guess you duplicate the layer befour you flip it vertically, don't you?


    tried it, makes no big difference though, just a bit darker (but why did you flip the image?)


    Gradient bars (1st color black, 2nd color alpha=0)

    aah...I see! :) I just switched the 1st and 2nd color...same effect ^^

  2. snospmiS: Perhaps if your userbars weren't split up into three images each that would lessen the load. If you can animate the central section then why can't you animate it as one whole image? Also, both userbars are linked to your Photobucket account, how about just having the Photobucket userbar linked to the account.

    Of course I can/could animate the whole image, but that would mean that it would have to load the total userbar several times ony because of the animated part, that consists out of many different gifs.

    You see?


    Thx so much!! :D

  3. Hmm...I have a bit of a problem with my signature, =/ Or more precise, with the limit of 500 characters.

    Look, this is what i'd like my sig to be:



    space.gif.::[ Kiosk Orbs ]::.


    [img=http://i182.photobucket.com/albums/x13/snospmiS/Private/space.gif][b].::[[/b] [url=http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=5548]Kiosk Orbs[/url] [b]]::.[/b]

    :arrow: 682 characters (way too much)

    But, as u can see, my sig isn't too large or needs much loading time! Quite the opposite, it's smaller than the most sigs (both data size and image size) and i tryed to decrease the loading time. Just the BBCode is too large (which of course has no effect to the forum)


  4. Check my google page for any missed plugins and stuff

    My dA for some of my stuff :)

    Welcome back.

    Thx. :)

    Your new images are amazing, especially the one with the seaweed! Why isn't it in your dA Gallery?

    I checked your page and noticed, that the Sharpen+-Link doesn't work. ^^' U may fix that, but anyway: thx! :)

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