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  1. ouh man...I got such a awful row with my parents currently...it's really heavy. Some of their education sanctions (can u say that in english?) after our little dissension:

    • [*:00f3e]Computer prohibition (of indeterminate duration)
      [*:00f3e]Pocket money prohibition (of indeterminate duration)
      [*:00f3e]The time when we've to be at home will be reduced and written down


    well...temporarily, nothing seems to go right anymore... x___X

    ps. i'm writting from my brother's computer...unfortunately he hasn't got pdn and downloading it won't bring me back all my beloved plugins >.<

  2. I was bored and that's why I created some smilies with frequently mentioned expressions. :)







    Feel free to use 'em! ;)

  3. While you Americans can drive young we can drink & smoke at younger ages than you can :D

    :) Right! I've to wait one more year (i'm 17 right now) until I'm allowed to drive a car, but on the other hand, I could already drink and smoke since I'm 16!

    Well...I have little use for smoking, IMO there are better ways to waste your money. f.ex. alcohol :D:roll:

    No, seriously, I consume alkcohol sometimes (mostly on parties etc), but I try to don't overdo it! (and it came off very well ;) )

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