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  1. I haven't been posting here for a loooong time, mainly because I just don't have as much spare time as I had when I was fifteen. ;)

    Anyway, every now and then I create something with Paint.NET, because messing around with graphics is still fun. Inspired by this website I wanted to make something similar with pdn, but I'm not quite happy with the result:


    I made use oft the PencilSketch-Tool and a few other Plugins, but the "drawing" still doesen't look very drawingish in my opinion.

    Any suggestions how to create a better drawing-like image with pdn? :)

  2. Hi everybody! :)

    I haven't been here for a loooong time and to be honest, I rarely mess around with PdN anymore.

    But one thing caught my attention: I've got a new iPod Touch (3g 32gb) and like u probably know, you can change the background of the lock screen.



    As you can see there are these grey bars at the top and at the bottom. I suppose they work with any kind of transparency because you can still see the actual background image thereunder. I tried to extract the "apple lock screen" how it would look without any background image. I ended up with this:

    lockscreen.png (watch it in pdn to see the alpha)

    But that "alpha image" just works correct with a white backround. When I put it over a other background image it doesen't look like the output of my ipod. Is there any way to get the "real" screen lock image i can put over a random background image and it always would look like...er...the ipod-way? (x

    Here are some screenshots I made from the lock screen with different backgrounds:


    (1. all black, 2. all white, 3. image)

  3. Oh cool! My tut still exists! :P

    I haven't been here for a long time, so it makes me quite happy that a lot of people like those tiny, little orbs. ^^

    @ LinTorX

    Try to solve this problem with different blurs and feathering!

    *goes on with taking a look around the forum*

  4. Thanks for all the positiv replies! :) I haven't posted for a while, but I'll condemn myself to be more active again! :D

    I'm pleased that a lot of people like my tut and get very neat results out of it! =)

  5. that are shortcuts, which simplify a lot steps of the procedure. [strg.] + [.I] f.ex. inverts the selection. Certainly, the shortcuts weren't supposed to be SO small! That's a probem of the new forume which I forgot to fix ->

    [size=9][i][strg.] + [shift] + [R][/i][/size]

    that came out (in the old forum) as sth like this -> [strg.] + [shift] + [R]

    code ->

    [size=85][i][strg.] + [shift] + [R][/i][/size]

    size=85 instead of size=9! That's why everything is so tiny! But I'll fix it right now. ^^



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