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  1. *raises hand* It also says in the first post: Someone with the skill could pick up the ball and run with it, no? *just noticed no source tho*
  2. Pyro, I got a crash trying curves+ here's the log. This was done with a fresh install of your plugins. (all your old ones were deleted) Didn't do anything aside from load an image and click Curves+ in adjustments. pdncrash.log
  3. Huh? The links on the download page. MajorGeeks and BetaNews. Twice.
  4. Is anyone else having any problems installing the update? I tried updating 3.05 to 3.07 via the program and got this message. It's even happening if I download the zip files and I've tried them twice in case they were corrupted. Yet other things seems to install fine. Sorry if this is the wrong thread, first post and saw this was about 3.07. Great program btw Rick.
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