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  1. @MattBlackLamb: i made it on purpose, because i was working on layers. that was the purpose of the job. but i think it gives an diffirent look, i like it @Dr. D: i dont know what do you want, but it looked good to me
  2. the character i used has a low resolution. i think this is the problem. and you are right. the quality was 50, because uploading is really a pain in the a** for me.... how about this...
  3. yes ! at last i have learned about layers i am proud of myself i hope you like this job. this is my first complete job, and i am waiting for any help and comment.... I have used three pictures for this. One is my screenshot from in-game (the monster guy and the hand with sword), one is elder scrolls logo, and one is background (i took it from filefront, actually picture says so, i dont know where it is exactly from). I have worked on "Cutting out images the easy way!" tutorial first. Then made this. I think that's all
  4. Hey this tutorial helps to make some Silent Hill effect you know Thats great :idea:
  5. Thank you tutor. Very good job... This is what i got when i exactly follow the tutorial (except that i added some oil effect): And this is what my imagination takes me to, i call it twisted black explosion :
  6. I am very happy that i have learned about paint.net. It was exactly what I needed. Photoshop is too complicated for me With this tool I'll be able to use my imagination. But first I need some tutorials like that Thank you very much tutor. Here are my tries... EDIT: saw some mentioning about SPHERE PLUGIN. I couldn't find it. Where is it? EDIT2: I tried to make some kind of star. But it is more like rotten tomato
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