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  1. hmm why not? ill make one in a minute. its so simple that i think users with experience can recreate it. its got like, 3 steps
  2. i happen to have benn playing around with a pic of my family i always test on, and i found a pretty cool effect (im sure its been done before): it looks like chainmail to me
  3. oh. im off to make an avatar. shouldnt take long tho.
  4. yeah, ill get the chance some time. is it that much better though?
  5. wait, what to you mean by complex coding? im not admin i cant get 3.07. (and its my own comp.) haha
  6. im not that new to pdn (ive had the 2.5 version for 3 months now. jus got 3.05). but i am new to the forums. so heres basically my 2 cents: made with 2 tuts then combined. and then edited a bit with curves heres the original: http://i151.photobucket.com/albums/s159 ... pjursj.jpg i made that by myself (even tho its not that good) kinda lame. just a bunch of polar inversions
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