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  1. Yeah, i know but ive asked my dad and hes asked alor of people who wokr at microsoft with him and nobody knew so i decided to try here. oh and if anybody is still interested.... i changed the link so it works
  2. So, i have a keyboard (obviously). It looks like this: http://lib.store.yahoo.net/lib/directron/microkey, but its black. I downloaded a program onto my computer, and then the keys at the top (My Documents, My Pictures, etc.) stopped working. Now, when i press them it makes no effect at all. How can i configure what the buttons do when i push them? Thank you.
  3. did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage thats just about my favorite song
  4. i am listening to wish you were here by pink floyd we're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl year after year running over the same old ground of how we found the same old things
  5. yea yeah, ive had no tv ever since my sister went into third grade (i was in first, but i skipped kindergarten) my computer in my room has been there every since i was in third grade but almost always since then its been 100% useless because it has no internet and my account does not have administrative privalages only thing i do on it is... paint.net! and, before i can hang out or watch a movie ive got to do like 15 pages of math that my dad uses on job interviews to get into microsoft then, i have to play piano a lot, and then read like 300 pages (in russian). im not complaining because i know how much all that math is going to help me when i grow up (especially if i want to get into microsoft. hehe) but it would be nice to let me have a little freedom EDIT: also, you got any feedback/critisism about my pics?
  6. Im grounded so i cant be on the forum much. Anyway, im making my mom a website for her music group. Here are some of the images i am considering using: thats the same conecept as the second one but it doesnt have a gradient layer also i made something just for fun: if you want instructions then just use steganography 3-bits on this (i did this mainly for fun). i think i will change my sig soon to something like the first image i posted (in this post)
  7. @boltbait hahahah i like how the squire is hanging and you put the case underneath so it looks like its balanced on it. can you play them alll? at the same time? i can only play guitar and drums and piano but not bass
  8. lol its coded. heres the answer/hint: move each letter 5 letters backwards in the alphabet I.E. n will be i because from n: m => l => k => j => i
  9. Here's me in... february (?): (yes thats a ten foot hoop) i made that shot i have bigger ones on my photobucket and by the way, steganography is +5 say the answer
  10. Well, it is just it wont be automatic. If you dupe the normal picture and then reveal, you get the same result. That was more of a suggestion to boltbait for a 1.2 release or whatever it will be next
  11. How hard would it be to make it possible for more than one image to be hidden in another. That way, you could have like six signatures. Also, it would be a useful thing to have the hidden image (when you reveal) open in a new layer. Anyway, this rocks!
  12. surgency came from insurgent somebody was arguing at schoool about what an insurgent was and i thought hmm why not use that as a username (i always use one username everywhere) annd then i decided to use surgency ever since ive been 10 (im 11) ive used it
  13. alright. back to posting desktops i use yOdm 3d (http://www.crystalxp.net/galerie/en.id. ... -tools.htm) so i have 4 desktops: 1. i hope you get the joke. if not then go here: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image ... f_Adam.jpg 2. Jimi Hendrix lives on forever! 3. As does Freddie Mercury. 4. Pink Floyd rocks. if there was a fifth one then i would definately put one of Kurt Cobain and a sixth one would be john bonham/jimmy page/led zeppelin seventh one would be keith moon the list would go on for a long long time
  14. oh lol. you posted that exactly right before me even while i was typing i meant i tried prtscrn many times
  15. well the day before yesterday i fell off a boat. then the boat flipped over (it was small) and in it was a bag with my mp3 player. today i went to soccer camp and my coach and i were both running for the ball but the he kicked my foot. people said i went flying.
  16. alright. i want to post my desktop, but i dont know how to make a screenshot. the PrtScrn button wont work
  17. thank you very much EDIT: your slashes are backwards and it wont work anyway
  18. alright. im probably the dumbes programmer here but how do i use this? if i have to put it in my pdn directory and run it from command prompt then im doing it right but i dont understand two things: 1. what is the patch thing for? 2. my pdn directory is located at C:\Paint.NET when i open command prompt it says: C\documents and settings\lev> how can i drop it to being just C:\ (i used to know this)
  19. @Oma if you download pyrochild's jitter effect it can easily make the same edge on a white square
  20. alright. i made two images using relatively the same method. actually the story goes that my friend and i were having a competition: who could create a cooler image. i was trying to prove that PdN was just as good as photoshop because he used ps and i use PdN. So, he created something like the two i will post and then i lost because mine was worse. i decided to try to make something like his and he gave me a hint so here are my results (yes, i like the top one more too, but it took twice as long to make and it had 32 layers most of which i combined to get an effect): 1. 2. if anyone wants me to, i can create a tut on how to make something like the lower one.
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