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  1. Agreed. Its not very useful, and even if I were to do it there would only be a few people who ever use it.

    However, just for the record, it wouldnt be all that hard to do all those things, your list follows a singular format, so writing a program to extract all the authors names wouldnt be hard at all.

  2. Any chance of this being compiled into a single .zip file

    No. That would require permission from every plugin author, and a huge time investment of whoever was in charge of compiling and maintaining the collection. It's been attempted before.

    (hosted on mediafire or the like?)

    Definitely no. MediaFire is horrid.

    I see. This would be very useful though.

    And yeah, I agree, mediafire does suck, at least it has lately, but its the first host site that came to mind.

    Thanks for the quick reply.

  3. I like the spinning orb.

    I've been away for sometime.

    Can somone catch me up on what happened?

    All i can tell is that the forum got spammed (how can you spam a forum?) and cmd cleaned it up. Then we switched forums because of the spam. Or because something else.

    And did anyone else notice that at the top, the PdN logo has a white line around it?

    Oh, and did i miss the quick reply thing or does it not exist anymore?

  4. This is not a major error in the program but anyway:

    I understand that the max. brush size is now 500. But when you type in, say, 501 (anything more that 500), the box turns red and when you scroll over to the little arrow next to it, it says: Brush size is more than 100.


    Shouldn't it say 500?


    I would like to point out something that is wrong on the forum (this is aiming at Rick). In the annoucment on this forum (the second one : http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=32), it says

    Then, before you post, look in the title bar of Paint.NET. If it says "Paint.NET 3.08" then great!
    Shouldn't it say Paint.NET 3.10 Beta 2 or whatever version. Or do you not include beta's on the announcment? And shouldn't there be a comma after "Paint.NET 3.08"?
  5. Windows Media Player for me.

    Because wheni first got a computer (i was 8 and it was so crappy that i cannot imagine anymore, but back then it was amazing) it had wmp 9 (or 8) on it.

    and ever since then i have used it and i am too lazy to download new software for playing music. (i upgraded to wmp 11 of course).

    besides, i usually listen to cd's or radio using TEAC

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