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  1. Use a format that uses lossy compression. For example, JPG is lossy. PNG is lossless, and thus the lossy compression slider is not applicable for this format.
  2. Good for you! Laptops are overrated, and under powered. Seriously. My currently laptop has a Core i7 and a Samsung SSD, and I still think it has lousy performance. I use my desktop 90% of the time, and just use the laptop when I don't want to sit at my desk. I've alway assembled my own desktops with the components I liked, so I don't really have any strong opinions about different OEM brands (HP, Dell, Asus, ect). For laptops, I like Dell business class laptops. Their consumer class laptops are no where as good though. You get what you pay for... Stay away fro
  3. It's important to note that BoltBait's installer is more of a Self-Extractor, rather than a traditional installer that makes all kinds of changes to the system.
  4. Instead of using the New Layer button, use the Duplicate Layer button. Then draw the beach balls on the layers afterwards.
  5. Hello, can you please make sure the Graphics Driver for your system is up to date? This is the latest version for your CPU/GPU (Intel 2117U): https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25977/Intel-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-10-and-Windows-7-8-1-15-33-?v=t
  6. Hey TreyH, Which colorspace did you specify when loading the RAW file? Or did you try all of them?
  7. Remove paint.net with this utility: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17588/fix-problems-that-block-programs-from-being-installed-or-removed Afterwards, install paint.net anew.
  8. Can you see if any this behavior changes when you're in Windows Safe Mode? We need to rule out any 3rd-party software that could be interfering. Can you confirm that the issue goes away if you switch back to paint.net v4.0.10 or v4.0.11? (Switching back is not the solution; this is just for troubleshooting purposes)
  9. SourceForge is on its last leg, and is all but dead. Most projects just use it as a download mirror, and nothing else. SourceForge's new owner is not going to change that. I'd recommend using GitHub instead.
  10. The Plugin Browser by The Dwarf Horde This is an official continuation of the excellent Plugin Browser originally put together by @TechnoRobbo, @Red ochre, @BoltBait, and @Ego Eram Reputo. ~~~~~ The Plugin Browser was designed to make installed plugins easier to locate and identify, especially when a large collection of plugins is installed. The Plugin Browser does this by allowing the User to search alphabetically by plugin name, keyword(s), author or menu location. Included in these searches are the Plugin Title and Description.
  11. This plugin was poorly designed, and looks very hacky. As far as I can tell, it's not using the EffectConfigDialog properly (or at all). Its dialog pops up after the Initializing dialog. Madness. <---- That explains why the plugin doesn't work a second time. Also, in relation to the crash log that pdnnoob posted: Storing user data (Palette location) in 'Program Files' was a poor design choice too. That XML file should be in %appdata%. That way multiple user accounts on the same machine can use the plugin. I don't want it to sound like I'm hating on thi
  12. It's probably a limitation of the Windows Imaging Component; which paint.net uses for reading most filetypes. Just an educated guess.
  13. Here's another teaser image of something I got working tonight (still a work-in-progress). The screenshot below is a composite, but is otherwise genuine. I jimmy rigged the existing IntelliSense stuff so it could used to display tooltips. Along the way, I fixed the longstanding bug where the IntelliSense Box wouldn't open in some circumstances. (e.g. when there were parentheses, or there was an Operator with no space after it, ect.) The IntelliSense Tooltips necessitated that fix.
  14. You'll have to use Parallels, VirtualBox, VMware Fusion, or Apple Bootcamp. On MacOS, the closet thing to paint.net is Pinta. I would also recommend Krita and Gimp.
  15. Is your "Digital Guardian" software interfering with paint.net? Does paint.net work in Windows Safe Mode?
  16. I posted about this a few days ago... You can read this article about automating the UI of paint.net. http://blog.functionalfun.net/2009/06/introduction-to-ui-automation-with.html I haven't played with the code very much, but I can verify it does work.
  17. No, you misunderstood what BoltBait said. What he was saying is that you could modify a plugin so that it (that specific plugin, and that specific plugin only) opens its dialog in a different location. For clarification, plugins can only add FileTypes, and modify pixels on the canvas/selection. No changing the behavior of paint.net.
  18. LOL, I didn't see the hand. I think it's supposed to be a guy with a briefcase, no?
  19. The forum filter ate the url you posted, but that is the Megalo site.
  20. 1) Draw the gradient () 2) Run Posterize () from the Adjustments menu
  21. As a work around, you can enable this option (outlined in red) in the Windows Control Panel:
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