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  1. Perhaps this has something to do with a PDN update, but whenever I try to save an icon, it says there was a problem saving it, and a few of the size layers get messed up. Can you check this out?
  2. Just like Enormator, I'm listening to AC/DC and some other metal too. "You Shook Me All Night Long" -AC/DC
  3. Yak. (names of species are okay, right?) ...if not... Yarn.
  4. I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack.... This has been my first post in a while (I've gotten a little bored I guess...), but anyway, now to the point: I found this neat little program on the internet the other day that allows you to create iQuizzes for 5th generation iPods and 3rd generation iPod Nanos. For those of you who don't know what an iQuiz is, it's a game that comes with new iPods, and it will normally quiz you on your music, but you can import custom quizzes to it too. For example, the Paint.NET themed one I made! It's only got ten questions so far, because I've run out of ideas. Once I have an e
  5. If it's saving you need help with (not actually making the icon) I would suggest getting this plugin: http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1152 I use it all the time! Hope that helps :wink:
  6. Well, I think we got off the subject of the iPhone in that forum. I think it needed it's own thread anyway...
  7. huh. When I go to Mcdonalds, people are skinny because they can't afford food because they're wiring they're money back home to mexico :shock: EDIT: Hey, how can you see the waiters at a real restraunt anyway, uH? aren't you restricted to the drive thru? :wink:
  8. :idea: Maybe if they got harsher with bans...
  9. Well said! :wink: Noobs are arguing over who's tut is better, when they're all the same... Maybe Rick or the mods should post a rule that says
  10. I gots a 49" vizio 8) anybody on here get G4? I like XPlay
  11. Skybax and I are gonna kick it on oak island, NC this summer 8)
  12. Anyone got a wood turtle like me?
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