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  1. Did you know.... I'm baaaaack and theres new look forum :o
  2. Just for you pyro *Clears Throat*, Man I am really craving some licker like Budweiser. Hehehe. I can say honestly I have no bad feelings right now (H)
  3. hmmm would have been better with no numbers but 7/10
  4. Well I tried Sketch Up and I love it Already made a little house like thing
  5. BoltBait is that SketchUp any easier to use then blender? Even following the tuts for blender I got confused :S
  6. My score O_o it has made me really think about myself and what there is that I can improve on, But I do enjoy carpentry The Seven Intelligence Areas Linguistic: 4 Logical-Mathematical: 6 Spatial: 2 Bodily-Kinesthetic: 8 Musical: 7 Interpersonal: 3 Intrapersonal: 5 A Short Definition of your Highest Score Bodily-Kinesthetic - the ability to use the body and tools to take effective action or to construct or repair, to build rapport to console and persuade, and to support others, to plan strategically or to critique the actions of the body, to appreciate the aesthetics of the body and to use those values to create new forms of expression. Possible vocations that use the bodily-kinesthetic intelligence include mechanic, trainer, contractor, craftsperson, tool and dye maker, coach, counselor, salesperson, sports analyst, professional athlete, dance critic, sculptor, choreographer, actor, dancer or puppeteer.
  7. I absolutely found that hilarious "Let me show you my pokemans!" , I grow couch potatoes :O
  8. I love that one! A few more layers? either way its secksy
  9. I'm eating pickled onions but I don't like normal onions in cooking O_o
  10. Hehehe theres a site I just found that has a fair few of his quotes http://www.quotationspage.com/quotes/Confucius/ Also another quote which I think comes from a very funny man " When you are waiting for the bus and someone asks, "Has the bus come yet?". If the bus came would I be standing here? -- Billy Connoly "
  11. Whoa that one nearly made my computer shut off with the lag :O
  12. Confucius say, Go bed with itchy behind wake up smelly finger O_o
  13. 8/10 I like the look of the inner button I don't think its to bad although like said above there is a bit to much reflection
  14. Wow, That is really sad, Really all he/she is doing is pawning lol. thats why I'm glad I don't E-Bay
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