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  1. That's exactly the way I have to do it - on every new system I put Paint.NET on..... that's just TOO annoying, long term! I love other graphics tools like ACDSee (picture viewer) or Paint Shop Pro that have options dialogs in their configuration which easily allows me to pick any combination of graphics file formats that I wish them to register as default program for. That's the way it should be! :-)
  2. Yes, definitely! I hate those app with online-only help - not everyone is online all the time!! Here in Europe, in many parts, fast broadband access is *NOT* so readily and cheaply available as in the US. Also, when you're on the move, you usually don't have online access - but you might need the help. So to sum up: I don't mind having to download the help separately - as long as I can still download it and keep it locally on my notebook.
  3. Is there an easy way in Paint.NET to make it the default program for opening the usual array of graphics formats, e.g. BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF and so forth?? I hate having to do this on a file-type-by-file-type basis in Windows Explorer...... If not: that would be a great additional little feature for v3.10 ! :-)
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