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  1. thats what stinks, my video is like 1 minute long ..
  2. i want to upload a video on to like .. YOUtube, but my file is to big.. is there anyway to compress it?
  3. http://nicholenordeman.com/photos/index.aspx?i=1 http://www.jesus.ch/index.php/D/article/129-music
  4. how come it gets that weird distortion when i save as .gif?
  5. well lol i slowed it down and i attempted fading .. lol think im going to speed it up a teeny tiny bit ..
  6. yeah i thought it was kinda fast.. do i have to go through opening unfreez and putting it all in there again to do that or is there an easier way? and word fading .. hmm .. i think i may understand that .. but i dont know .. and THANK YOU!
  7. YAY! i made a avitar! woohhooo! thanx out there to the author of the animated .gif tut
  8. so excited! i totally figured out layers! hehe it was accually pretty easy! and i made a bubble too from the tutorials.. just wanted to say that you regulars rock! thanks you lots.. umm just a question .. i made a sig and i cant put it up .. next to my option in my profile it says HTML off and i dont know how to change it. yes, down below that the option of Yes is chosen. hmm ?? whats goin on?
  9. thanks guys so much yeah ive been surfin around in the forum. lots of stuff to take in .. blah. i cant quite get the whole layers thing. even with tutorials. i guess practice makes perfect. ps. yall are great!
  10. can someone explain the necessity of plug ins before i got putting stuff on my comp. cause we all know how dangerous that can be!
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