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  1. I don't think this really has to do with a CMS. Even without a CMS, paint.net operates in some color space. If it doesn't operate on that space correctly (by taking into account the space's gamma) isn't that a bug?
  2. This bug might actually apply to many features of paint.net in addition to Gaussian blur. It seems to me that almost any operation which modifies existing pixels will be incorrect if the gamma correction is not done beforehand. It's just especially noticeable for blurs because we have an intuitive sense for how that should look. Mathematically, a function f which operates on the color components of pixels must take into account sRGB gamma correction unless f(xy) = f(x)y. I imagine such a property is pretty uncommon.
  3. I too would like better bitmap support. MS Paint's support is horrible at best since it seems like it translates colors almost at random. Yes, PNG is better for full color images but there are some cases where BMP is required.
  4. If you're feeling adventurous, open it up in a GIF editor and take all of the color inverted frames and uninvert them. It'd probably still look as cool without being so seizure-inducing
  5. I use Paint.NET mainly for pixel art and one thing that really annoys me is the nubs that appear when selecting things or drawing lines. The problem is that the little area around each nub in which the mouse turns into the hand cursor doesn't scale properly when zooming in. For example, take this little 14x14 box: It's impossible to move the box because the nubs get in the way. This make sense. But even if you zoom in 3200% on that same box... It's still impossible to move it! That's the because the size of the nubs scales along with the zoom so they become 32 times bigger just like the rest of the picture. When working with pixel art this can be very, very annoying. It makes moving some things nearly impossible. And a specific problem that I have with the line tool is that the little curve nubs cannot be turned off. The fact that they're always on makes it really annoying when 99% of the time I simply want to draw a straight line. I know that I just have to hit enter in between each line, but this can be annoying when drawing 100+ lines. And if you forget to deselect the line, you screw it up and have to undo it. My first point, I think, is a pretty big flaw. As for the second one, if this is possible in a plugin, I would be fine with that (or even coding it myself if someone could tell me how).
  6. Well seeing as Paint.NET isn't a tablet-only product, the drop down box should be an option set by the user. It's not so much the drop down box that annoys me anyway, it's that it operates inconsistently with regards to left and right click. It doesn't make sense for the color palette to act differently for different clicks - that's just confusing for the user. So I suppose I'd also be fine if when the box is set to "primary" that both left and right clicking would set the primary color.
  7. Woopee, my very first Paint.NET creation: Well, not counting my lame signature | V
  8. I recently got Paint.NET and I'm loving it so far. One thing that has really annoyed me though is this: the primary/secondary drop-down box in the color palette. If it is set to "primary", then left clicking on a color will make that color primary, right clicking will make it secondary. If it is set to "secondary", both right and left clicking will make the color secondary! So then you have to go up and switch the box back to primary if you want to set the primary color again. This problem comes up mostly when using :ColorPicker: because whenever you use it, it changes the drop-down box as well. So the simple solution is removing the dang box! In my opinion, when working with the color palette or :ColorPicker:, left click should always set primary, right click should alway set secondary.
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