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  1. originally it has been made frame-by frame using flashlights and photo camera with long exposure time. (check http://www.myspace.com/lichtfaktor this site). Tried it with friends-easy and fun!
  2. By saying polish fonts i don't mean to make them shine but letters used in polish alphabet (in Poland) There is letter Å
  3. next theme could be maybe movie? or videogame. congratulations Lionhearted. or maybe give contestants (people who take part in contest,if I wrote it right) few pictures and let it be their canvas. funk..in polish it comes way easier to me to say some things.
  4. Is getting something for free evil? ^^ And shop owners would be happy to do good things for other people. (I guess I could find Bible quotation about that ) However this plugin wors kind...ee.slow? on my computer. (btw.I have new sig.Couldn't resist to say this)
  5. though i'm not a specialist i think you should blur the planet's edges to make it look more realistic,because now it looks like waffle ^^ and I like shadows on it very much. and planet edges ought be more scratched so we could believe there really are craters and canyons. o.you made a joke. crappy jpeg (showing space) to save space. you can save whales with it too
  6. John Frusciante is a RHCP guitarist. images used http://popof95490.skyrock.com/pics/644915729.jpg http://tn3-1.deviantart.com/300W/fs7.de ... pazz24.jpg
  7. hello everyone. my 1st post. soo.been bored lately and played with the budget airlines image idea. in school at english lessons we were talking about travelling and when i heard budget airlines i got this picture in my mind.
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