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  1. Da Vinci Code - perhaps?
  2. Oh My Helen - I just came across your Gallery and I am speechless. Your work is amazing. I had no idea the things you've created could be made like that from scratch with Paint. You have done yourself proud. >^..^<
  3. Thanks so much for doing the tutorial - much appreciated and fun to do.
  4. Many thanks ziz & Janettsue for your suggestions. Yes, I am discovering the importance of the "layers" and, at least, I now know to get the main image up first and then work around it. Lots of work for me ahead!
  5. I've had no problems storing music at this place. If you'd like to view my site: http://www.malawireunion2007.zoomshare.com Good Luck
  6. Hi Tayoni - I have used a free website called http://www.zoomshare.com for a few years now and can save images, and url's, for work here on Paint.net with no problems. You will, however, first have to learn to navigate the 'webpage editor', which is a bit tricky to start with but it's fun if you enjoy working with computers.
  7. Many thanks for your suggestion - but I still can't get the hang of it that way I've now tried another route, using line/curve around the object and then erasing/deleting. See here: http://www.practice1.zoomshare.com/files/brush_outside.gif Many thanks for the help everyone....... at least I'm learning all sorts of things in Paint as I practice (bumble along)
  8. Many thanks Chopperboad and Rick Brewster for the tips. I finally worked-out how to use the clipboard (2 steps). However, I don't think I explained myself properly as to what I'm trying to do. I want the man to "overlap" the rectangular box - not for the man to go within it. I can get what I want by a couple of steps in a large canvas: see here: http://www.practice1.zoomshare.com/files/intented_sigman.gif but then, obviously, the end product is too large because of the canvas (and if I resize - it gets too small). Ideally I'd love to know what the very first steps are to begin the si
  9. Thanks for that tip but when I try to paste, from Edit in Paint (after copying man in file on my computer) the option to "paste in to new layer" is not highlighted (pale grey) :? Obviously I'm doing something wrong with the 'copy'. Sorry to be so stupid - as this must be quite a basic proceedure.
  10. I am having trouble making a signature. First I choose the canvas size, 500 x 75, & make the text: I then make a new layer and insert the man: but as soon as I do this the canvas size changes. I'm trying to "overlap" the man over the box. Any help would be much appreciated. I may well be doing this all very wrong!
  11. Thanks Ash for the speedy reply. I was not sure where to post as the tutorial area seemed to be for Publishing only, but I will go and investigate for future postings.
  12. His tutorial pictures have disappeared (Cutting Out Images the Easy Way v2.) and have been replaced by "deleted or moved" boxes. Possibly the site where he stores the shots are having problems, or it's me :? :?:
  13. Sorry....... don't know how that happened :? world :arrow: humanity
  14. Wow OMA - that's an amazing tutorial (thanks) which taught me to use things I didn't know were possible with Paint.NET. Unfortunately I could not get the 'bend' to happen on the leaves Perhaps on my next attempt!
  15. I did read the other posts :? Speed of wheels is irrelevent, and if the wheels were frictionless, the treadmill would have no effect on the motion of the aeroplane body anyway. One can argue whether a gigantic treadmill would create some boundary layer wind movement. Speed relative to the air, is the issue. One has to make an assumption about the wind-speed since that is not defined. It's a bit like the puzzle of trying to propel a sail boat by putting a large fan at one end and blowing the wind into the sails - which way does the boat go?
  16. Lift is generated by relative air speed. If the aeroplane is stationary relative to the air, it will not lift. If speed relative to the treadmill achieved take-off, one could build very cheap aircraft carriers and very small airports.
  17. Oh dear - I think I'm the oldest one on this forum! My cats:
  18. I've encounted a problem with two plug-ins. Previously, I've managed to do this OK but today I dowloaded a Smudge and Splatter, and after extracting them I did this: Find Program files, and find Paint.NET, and find effects, place the .dll file in there They went into Paint OK but when I try to use either one I get a "plug in error" saying I should close PaintNet and restart. I've done this to no avail. edit: It's OK - after re-installing the tools it now works.
  19. And another one: BoltBait and his cat Zoro
  20. Quantum...... 007....... Daniel Craig...... ! Bait = Catch!
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