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  1. Thank you - thank you .......... you are so helpful and do such great things @YM
  2. Thanks so much Jim . You also helped me today in another, older thread (via search) ...... I couldn't figure out where my customs brushes folder was in Win7 ...... now I know - thanks again!
  3. A computer question please I am away to Florida for a while and will be getting a new lap top whilst there. Of course, about 5 mins after getting it, I will want to download Paint.net. Can I save my Effects and File types from my present computer, onto a memory chip, and then load them onto the newly downloaded PDN? It would save a lot of time having to start with all the plug-ins from afresh. Thanks in advance ... and any other time-saving tips will be much appreciated .
  4. Yeah - the Possum is back Aren't you the one that shouldn't be angered/annoyed I am away for the next 6 weeks to Florida, so will be PDN-free during that time ....... unless I buy a new Lappy. Hmm... - decisions, decisions. Being PDN-free for that length of time is scary Do hope you settle down with the new meds - sometimes which can be a pain to get right :redeyes:
  5. Thanks so much @Helen and you are correct - pointy ears are under the hair @AmadeusX - so nice of you to comment - thank you @Xzerizon - Thanks for your positive comments, much appreciated. I know what you mean about the shine/glare. I was using this as my muse, which seemed to have quite a glare on the photo ..... here perhaps I should have made the shine a bit more transparent @BBQ - Thank you Barbie, glad you like her ... don't know why I did a red head - guess it was time
  6. Thanks so much @NN - you are a star
  7. Unless someone else steps in here I'd be happy to try this poll for you Aislin. But ...... although Welshy posted a thumb on how to use the poll, I can't figure out if it's on Paint.NET or on Photobucket?
  8. Wow Aislin - your work is amazing Sorry you can't be on-line more I'd be happy to do the Poll for you on the painted vehicles - if only I could find out how!
  9. An Addition to My Gallery is Fantasy Girl/Woman.
  10. You've got some nice work @Amx and your jewels are really spectacular - as is your signature. Well done
  11. WoW! I too just looked at your work and you certainly do have a great knack with PDN. I really like (sorry I can't figure-out it's name) a few posts back, the swirly globe piece - it's awesome. Well done
  12. Congratulations everyone. It was a fun comp - all entries were super - and thank you so much @NN for your hard work
  13. Absolutely stunning new pieces .... the Flowers - Pansyliscious to me - are so beautiful and the pattern in Synaptic (what a great name) Occulision fits so well in the image. Great stuff @BBQ
  14. Hat off to you Pyro (and others who make plug-ins). This looks like something I'll enjoy using - thanks so much .
  15. Hi Kelly, I think you will have to persevere with learning to master how to download the brushes you want, if you can't make them yourself. It is a little complicated and you need to know where your Paint.NET files are on your computer. The links you have been given in a few of your other posts, explain how to do this. Basically you can find those brushes you want on Brusheezy, download them to a file on your computer, convert them into ABR, put them into the Custom Brushes File and then you will be able to use them in Paint.NET. I'm afraid there is no easy way to explain all this, except to keep trying. It took me a while to get it right in the beginning ...... hang in there
  16. Hi Kelly - no need to be embarrassed. I think all of us have found using Paint.NET for the first time a challenge. Here is a link to some info on the brushes: Here
  17. Hi Kelly - I hope I can answer your question for you. The Custom mini brushes are usually downloaded from the internet, a lot are from Photoshop, and are then 'converted' into ABR format and used in the Simon Brown plug-in. So, it all depends on what brushes you will be using on a project and, therefore, are changing constantly depending on what you are using them for.
  18. Adapted from this tutorial here and I used his parchment link Everything else is PDN with the use of webdings.
  19. Thanks so much @Dug, @Yellowman, @Helen and @BBQ for your lovely comments . So glad you don't think Custom Brushes are cheating, as they do make life a lot easier. One could paint each and every musical note, but what a chore that would be. Making the violin certainly was an eye-opener for me, as I realise just how blind I am to shadows . How important they are though. I think it's psychological with me, for once I've made an image I'm ready to finish it and doing shadows is that little extra bit of work. Thanks for your support
  20. I'd just like to clarify that when I posted 'No custom brushes, stocks or renders' - I was not making a statement! It meant that I had not used any in my entry. I have no problem if others have used custom brushes in this comp
  21. Nice shiny text and I really like the scarecrow in the field ...... perhaps there is a field mouse somewhere in there? And, the beach tree looks really 'petrified' - amazing And, the monster in the picture looks just like an image in the Indonesian Ramayana story - great piece!
  22. Three amazing pieces - a lot to take in at once! Must be a girl thing, but I too noticed the lovely violet. The self portrait is just amazing
  23. Couldn't say it better than Welshy's post - absolutely fabulous pieces and I'm in "love" with Ratty, as one does! So glad you are back too
  24. WoW! I'm quite mesmerized looking at the swirls. It's like looking over the side of a cliff - can't drag my eyes away