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  1. I did read the other posts :? Speed of wheels is irrelevent, and if the wheels were frictionless, the treadmill would have no effect on the motion of the aeroplane body anyway. One can argue whether a gigantic treadmill would create some boundary layer wind movement. Speed relative to the air, is the issue. One has to make an assumption about the wind-speed since that is not defined. It's a bit like the puzzle of trying to propel a sail boat by putting a large fan at one end and blowing the wind into the sails - which way does the boat go?
  2. Lift is generated by relative air speed. If the aeroplane is stationary relative to the air, it will not lift. If speed relative to the treadmill achieved take-off, one could build very cheap aircraft carriers and very small airports.
  3. Oh dear - I think I'm the oldest one on this forum! My cats:
  4. I've encounted a problem with two plug-ins. Previously, I've managed to do this OK but today I dowloaded a Smudge and Splatter, and after extracting them I did this: Find Program files, and find Paint.NET, and find effects, place the .dll file in there They went into Paint OK but when I try to use either one I get a "plug in error" saying I should close PaintNet and restart. I've done this to no avail. edit: It's OK - after re-installing the tools it now works.
  5. And another one: BoltBait and his cat Zoro
  6. Quantum...... 007....... Daniel Craig...... ! Bait = Catch!
  7. I think Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air and she has certainly livened-up the run for the White House. She seems to be the genuine article, speaks her mind and you know exactly where she is coming from. She's not afraid to say what she thinks, even if you don't agree with her views. Although I am English I have spent 16 years in the States and love the country. I am grateful that America is presently the predominant world power. Britain tries, but no longer has the strength to wield much influence. The other European powers are either worthless or so bent upon their own advantage that their actions are pernicious. How many now remember the salvation of Europe in both world wars, the benefits of Marshal Aid, and the protection afforded throughout the Cold War. I believe that the presidential election is really the business only of Americans. And whoever accedes to the White House, and whatever the composition of Congress, The United States will remain an enormous power for good in the world.
  8. Oh MY! This is NOT what I expected. (nice game though). :shock:
  9. I used to leave it on 24/7 until recently, after having a bad experience with Norton 2008, which screwed-up my computer and had, with the help of Dell, to be removed. It was during this process that I asked whether it best to leave my computer on, or off, and was advised to switch it off when not in use. So, for the moment (and now with AVG) I'm being diligent (carbon footprint) and switching it off. :?
  10. I made a "boo-boo" when I joined (thinking the user name was for logging-in) and got stuck with my name. Duh!
  11. I think call the plumber, coz Wikipedia says: "A plumber is a tradesperson who specializes in installing and maintaining systems used for potable (drinking) water, sewage, drainage, venting, heating and air-conditioning, or industrial process plant piping." Why did Sarah zip the Iraq file? (The contents were awfully small). :wink:
  12. You should resize it in Paint.NET, it helps a lot, also you can try using a plugin called Feather do make the edges less rough I tried to edit for you Url-http://i188.photobucket.com/albums/z267/jerkfight/Forsomeoneelse.png Thanks for all of the above! I didn't know I could resize in Paint! Still so much to learn.
  13. Thanks for the tip Jerkfight but no, I did not use that option. I used PIXresizer and there is no option for Best Quality.
  14. I made an avatar which looked great just after I made it: but then I had to resize it and it doesn't look as good: How does one keep the sharpness after resizing? Or should one make the avatar real small from the start? Any tips much appreciated. Thanks.
  15. I just adore this tutorial. I think I'm going to use this as my new avatar!