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  1. Hey Pixey... !!!! GREAT NEWS! I went to YouTube again.. watched 2 videos on Plugin installs. I wrote down what the one guy said and did as he said then I went to Red Ochre's plugin pack and down loaded the Installer pak. I got all my PLUGINS BACK! Yahoooooie! I am back in business. and I donated to RedOchre. You guys are just Terrific, & Patrient! I really admire and appreciate you all! 

    here the red normal Dingo dog, I changed the color and added the Furblur efect. Thanks so much to you and esp RedOchre's Furblur!

    Transprnt Dingo Dog wild Gray Furblur.png

    Transprnt Dingo Dog wild.png

    1. Pixey


      That's wonderful news @Cakie67 ūüėć If you want to set up your own page in The Pictorium to show off your work, it's very easy.¬† Just go to The Pictorium Thread, click on Start a New Topic and name it accordingly,¬† Then, each time you make something, just go back to that tread and either edit it, or just add your images underneath.

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  2. Hi Pixey. Bruce Bowen again. The screenshots from my issues with the water reflection plugin are from Paint.neet and are copied into Windows Paint. No matter what I do that plugin will not populate into the "distort" drop-down window. I have the classic version as far as I can tell. What to do???:(:(

    water reflection plugin.png

    Not here.jpg

    1. Pixey


      Have you seen the message from @toe_head2001 to say that you need to update the Plugin?

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