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  1. Thanks. I kinda strayed from the tutorial a bit due to missing plugins but I like how it turned out...
  2. Which alpha mask plugin? I found two completely different ones, but neither are called just Alpha Mask..
  3. heres my go at it... its a distro of Linux, called ubuntu which is on another partition of my hard drive and it RULES!!!! its t3h awsomestered OS ever created.. well heres a link....
  4. :shock: woops... soory that there so big.. i coulda swarn they we smaller.... well you guys can forgive a noob right? anyways.. i "relief"ed the first one... and i did several things to the second.. i think i used a grid somewhere... well hope that helps
  5. wow :shock: you guys are good at this stuff.... heres a couple of my outcomes.... This one i use for a background.. and heres one for... whatever....
  6. im new here. and i'd like to say hi and im from Indiana.. which i didn't change my location thingy yet... so ill get right on that..
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