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  1. Yeesh, Paint_boy! That Paint Boy font is hideous! Sorry. Everything else looks great though. *I wonder why...? Oh yeah! I made it.* I like the "proud user & supporter" gradient though.
  2. Paint_boy, if I knew how to create plugins, I definitely would create a multi-color gradient plugin!
  3. Rick, this may be a little off topic, but I've always wanted multiple color gradients. By that I mean like red, white, and black. The primary and secondary colors would be the first two colors, and the user would have to choose a third color. Definitely something I would use!
  4. I don't have any suggestions on exactly how you can fix it, but all I can suggest is that you email the file to like it told you to.
  5. I'm sorry but the PS3 sucks...... Would you care to explain how the PS3 sucks? I don't think I quite understand. Last time I checked, the PS3 rocks! Oh, and BTW, I have a Wii.
  6. This is an awesome tutorial. It doesn't much relate to Paint.NET, yet just images in general. If it did relate to Paint.NET more (such as creating an actual image or something of that nature) then it would most definitely be Sticky'd.
  7. pyrochild, this is a great plugin. I'm glad someone finally wrote it. I can definitely see myself using this plugin quite often.
  8. someone2016, it's supposed to be plain; that is the idea of the signature. Your's is...interesting 7/10. A little too blue for my tastes, however.
  9. FireFly: Hmm.. The reflection of the FireFly text is all garbled up. I know it's kind of hard to tell, but it doesn't look to good. 5/10
  10. Myrddin: 7/10. The graphic looks nice; however, a picture of Firefox with a Paint.NET searchbox isn't my idea of a signature. Looks realistic, though.
  11. So.. You could make a plug-in? Just with a different name?
  12. I live in Mississippi which is a state in the United States of America. If you didn't know, the United States of America is in North America. Mississippi is a dull and boring place to live. Trust me, I know. I've lived here all of my life.
  13. THAT'S TERRIBLE!! TRAITOR!! Maybe the moderators or nobody big and special will be able to tell that I called you a traitor. :wink:
  14. My sig is pretty much self-explanatory. I just wanted to show my love for the Harry Potter movies and books by creating a sig featuring the release dates of the upcoming movie and the upcoming book.
  15. Nesk: Definitely use your new one! It's awesome. It looks more modern or cooler than your older one. I give your new one a 9.9/10!! Awesome.
  16. I still really like it. I tried to use it for the text in my sig. I figured that would look really cool. I couldn't get it to work. I think my text is too small and/or too oddly shaped. (I got un-lazy and changed the date on my sig! Thankfully, I saved my sig as a PDN so this was easy to do. I can't believe they changed the date. I'm excited.)
  17. Great tutorial. Is it possible that someone could make this into a plug-in and call it Chrome Effect or something?
  18. Some older browsers don't support PNG. Isn't that sad? Hopefully everyone has Mozilla Firefox 2 (aka the best browser in the world)!!
  19. lol! nice tutorial, very realistic looking What was the point in quoting mastermind7373?
  20. In the box * iPhone * Stereo Headset * Dock * Dock Connector to USB Cable * USB Power Adapter * Documentation * Cleaning/polishing cloth I was being a little sarcastic . I was referring to the article FrEaK had posted which lists most of the current-market technology that isn't in the phone. I obviously knew it did include more things and that it was indeed a phone. :? @cjmcguinness: not selling that phone are you for 10p :wink:? Oh.. Yeah.. Um.. I definitely knew the whole time that you were being sarcastic.. :oops:
  21. You can send a picture from your email account to your phone if your phone supports MMS or you can buy a cable & software from your service provider and manually drag-and-drop files to your phone. (You would have to refer to the cable & software instructions on exactly how to do this.)
  22. In the box * iPhone * Stereo Headset * Dock * Dock Connector to USB Cable * USB Power Adapter * Documentation * Cleaning/polishing cloth