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  1. Sorry, but I don't quite understand what you're saying. Are you looking for a wingdings-type font or something?
  2. I knew it was one of CMD's tutorials! I didn't notice the second page on gradients. I like that one better for some reason. Dunno why... Do you know who could possibly make a plug-in for this effect? It feels kinda odd just asking people to make a plug-in for me. I guess it's because I live in Mississippi, and we like to show southern hospitality. Not sure..
  3. That's a good idea, TakeMangaka. I found a tutorial on a PDN user's website (I forget who it is. I'm sorry I can't give them credit.) on how to make gradients. It's not exactly perfect, but they created blocks of colors and used a blur effect (I forget which one, probably just a Gaussian) to make the colors look blended together like a gradient. *Thinks to self: I wanna say it was one of CMD's tutorials, but I can't quite put a finger on it.*
  4. Well, mustang maverick, there aren't that many stars. I guess you could be somewhat close to a city, but if you were in the country then you would see a lot of stars. (I live in a small town in Mississippi and there are a lot of stars at night!)
  5. AvrilAdict, if you want to use an image in your sig, try uploading that picture to a free image hosting site such as There you can copy the image code and use it in your sig like so: [img=image link]
  6. Oh ok. Well here's how to do it...I think. I've never tried doing this so I don't know if it'll work. [url=][img=image.png][/url] EDIT: mustang maverick must've posted the same time I did because I didn't see his/her post. Oh well..
  7. It looks like you want to make it a link to the Paint.NET forums. Why would you do that? Everyone on the forums obviously knows how to get here..
  8. He he.. Sorry, pyro. I made some cool (well, in my opinion they're cool) Vista buttons using your plug-in. I posted a picture of them in the Pictorium. Here's a link to the page where I posted the pic: ... start=6150 My post is at the very bottom.
  9. That's awesome, Hawkeyes! Could you possibly keep me updated?
  10. GREAT! I sent an email to your Gmail. (I love Gmail.)
  11. Well I figured that someone could probably edit the existing gradient plug-in to use another color. You're right, I wouldn't have any idea, but it just seems easy.
  12. Drakaan, it seems to be slightly crooked. In my opinion, I always thought that was how he wanted it to look like. Not sure, though.
  13. Thank you, bb00. Now that I have created a navigation bar design, I would really like to use it on a website I'm creating. I don't know if you're the right person, but how can I do this using HTML, CSS, and/or JavaScript?
  14. P.N users, I've been browsing Photoshop tutorials trying to get ideas for Paint.NET tutorials. An idea struck me as being very useful. I'm not sure if this is an actual plug-in in Photoshop, but I know Photoshop uses this: Multi-Color Gradients. I, along with many other people, can think up quite a few uses for Multi-Color Gradients. I believe that it wouldn't be too hard. Just use the primary and secondary colors that the user has already selected, then prompt the user for additional colors. It would be very nice to have an Effect like this. The reason I am saying all of this is obviously because I would like this Effect; however, I do not know how to make plug-ins. So, anyone's help with making one would greatly be appreciated. Thank you, adhanberry
  15. Here is a Vista-like menu bar that I made from scratch in Paint.NET. Tell me what you all think.
  16. You want to "Save File As..." and you're going to save it in the Effects folder. Usually, this is at C:/Program Files/Paint.NET/Effects. Once you save it in that folder, close Paint.NET and then open it again to see the file. Does this help?
  17. Yata, what you said about expressing yourself in 20 pixels really makes sense. I understand what you mean by that. Maybe in a week I'll think of a new sig or something..
  18. converts any type of media for free. It can convert .docs to .pdf. It convert protected music files to unprotected music files. It can do a lot.
  19. Eh.. somewhat true. Just sometimes I do. The person below me couldn't live without their computer.
  20. I know, Pyrochild. I have sadly succumbed to the ways of the world! Only joking...I've only succumbed to the ways of people in the Paint.NET foruming (is "foruming" even a word?!) world.
  21. Simply post the answer you chose in the poll and explain why. I, personally, am not a fan of the pixel sig bars. I just got one cuz everyone else had one.
  22. Myrddin, why do you have an icon-size image of an axe in your Photobucket album? That's a bit..odd.