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  1. Bobofthedead, very nice. The snow-flake-type things in the background remind me of fractals. 9/10.
  2. ZELDA GURU, it's a little bit too blurry and the text isn't very noticeable. The text needs to pop out a little bit more. It's just okay. I give it a 5/10.
  3. Nice Aguba. I like your new sig. It would be better if you made your username more noticeable though. Also, it would be good if you could incorporate the theme of this new sig into your website bar. 9.5/10
  4. indie88, your sig is...interesting. It doesn't look amazing, but I generally like the look of it. In my opinion, if it looked more Web 2.0-ish (gradients, reflections, glossy look, etc.), then I'd probably rate it higher than a: 6.5/10 Good work, though.
  5. I believe it is the third link. (I could be mistaken, however.)
  6. I'm sorry that this is foolishly off-topic, but this is an off-topic forum. I visited the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino today in Biloxi, Mississippi and there were television screens like behind the mirror in the bathrooms!! It was amazing! O.k., to be a little bit more on-topic: you're wish was granted, but it got corrupted somehow unimaginable! (I have no idea what your wish is, so I used a generic "corruption". Sorry..) I wish that there were cars designed like the mirrors in the bathrooms of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi. (Cars with tail-lights and head-lights that weren't visible until lit up.)
  7. Chala-chala-chala-chala-CHING! (I honestly have no idea what that noise is, where it came from, or how I made it up.) Extra is now the king of the universe! Unfortunately, he was overthrown by ME! Mwah-ha-ha! I wish...for t.v. screens to be implanted (painlessly, please) into my eyelids!
  8. *Sigh...* I sure do miss the PdN forum skin from back in the good ole' days... *snaps back into reality* Oh well, those days have come and gone and I guess everyone just has to get use to these new skins--that I personally don't like. Oh, and BTW, welcome British Panda.
  9. I don't actually own an iPhone. I know someone who does own one and she absolutely loves it. Her only complaint is that sometimes the Internet's slow. That's her only complaint. I actually got the chance, however, to play with one myself for about an hour (I'm surprised they didn't kick me out of the store :wink: ). The way the iPhone looked and felt absolutely amazed me. I figured that the iPhone would not be as good as it looked on television just because everything looks good on television, but boy was I WRONG! I found absolutely no reason (besides the price) to not purchase it. Maybe this will help you decide whether to get one or not. BTW, when exactly are y'all (people in the U.K.) going to get the iPhones?
  10. aguba, I've always liked your sig and I also like how your website link bar looks similar to your sig. Nice. 9.8/10 Here is a preview of my possible Halloween sig (it's watch it):
  11. shootingstarswishingheart, it's a little bit boring, so I'll give you a 6/10.
  12. I'm sorry, but there is already a forum made specifically for posting images and letting people rate and review them. That place is: The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!
  13. CommanderSozo, I rate your LOTR sig a 7/10. There seems to be too much yellow for my liking. I like different colors though! I'm glad you used that color. I rate your regular sig a 6/10. It's starting to get a little too old for me, and I'd like to see something new that you can come up with!
  14. But that thing isn't the new iPod Touch. It's a concept design that someone thought of. The real iPod Touch is here.
  15. The story of my username is extremely simple, boring, and pointless. It was about five years ago when I first wanted to get an email account, but I didn't know what to choose as a username. Eventually, I just thought of the simplest thing: I'll put my first initials (Andrew Dale) and add my last name to it (Hanberry). So..that's where my email address came from. I don't like to remember a lot of different usernames, so I simply use adhanberry for pretty much everything (except for my Gmail; I LOVE Gmail).
  16. Okay, now I see it. That is much better. I still think you can add a drop shadow to the whole thing or something... Here's what I came up with...
  17. MattBlackLamb, I honestly can't tell a difference. Maybe you can make the whole shape a rounded rectangle and then add a drop shadow? Or you can do a transparency gradient around the edges?
  18. Thanks, snospmiS. Your sig bars are the only ones that I like. They actually look good. So I will give them a....(drum roll, please)....9.5/10!
  19. MattBlackLamb, the left and right ends of your sig look almost as if they were cut off. There is too much of a definite ending. There needs to be some type of transition or something. 7/10
  20. ncfan51, I don't really like it whenever someone copies someone else's sig. I've seen this sig used before. It looked a little bit different, but basically the same concept. Signatures are supposed to reflect you and your personality! So.. I give you a 6/10. Come up with a sig more individualistic and I might raise the rating.
  21. Hmm.. So far I'm quite surprised with everyone's opinion. I figured most people would be content with at least choosing the iPod Touch. CMD, how come you aren't an iPod fan?
  22. If you haven't noticed, Apple recently introduced a new iPod line. Included in this new iPod line is the iPod Touch. It is very similar to the iPhone, just minus a few features. I wanted to know which one you guys would rather purchase, and WHY? BTW, I would rather purchase the iPod Touch. It's obviously cheaper, PLUS you don't have to pay a monthly bill like the iPhone.
  23. I'm usually not one to complain, but I'm kinda OCD. The white behind the text in the logo at the top of the page is really bothering me. Is there any way that Rick or someone can change this logo so the text will blend better with any color background? Gracias! (I've never noticed this icon! )
  24. TRUE, usedHONDA. TPBM thinks that CMD's drop shadow tutorial needs to be un-sticky'd.