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  1. I have no idea how you make plugins, but i'm guessing it takes time. If anyone has some extra, could you please try to make a lizard/dinosaur/dragon type skin plugin? Like as a texture adder thing. Paint.net comes with a few, like bricks and canvace and stuff, but there isn't anything that could make lizard type skin. Just an idea.
  2. I'm only just learning Japanese with English characters. That kanji is way to far for me.
  3. <--Not jealous either. I have a Wacom Graphire4. Very awesome. Too bad Paint.net doesnt support pen pressure.
  4. I've been using paint.net for a while and i've looked through the whole program, isnt there a way to type on the keybored and have text? I mean, if the program isnt going to accept tablet pressure sensitivity, then it should have a text thing somewhere...
  5. Yes, it is available. But only in the Paintbrush tool, and only if your tablet is set up through the built-in Windows tablet interface. One person reported that their Wacom tablet works w/ pressure sensitivity in Windows Vista. We are planning for a future version to extend the pressure sensitivity to all brush-like tools (eraser, clone stamp, etc.). Think v4.00+. Ok! But how can i get it to work? How do i get windows vista? Is that a different system? Or just a program?
  6. Ok, I have a brand new Wacom Graphire4, i run on WindowsXP , and i have Paint.net v3.05 Will it work? What is window's vista?
  7. I have a tablet, and i want to use it in paint.net, but there is no presure sensitivity. How can i turn this on? And yes, i have the latest version, 3.05 Lol, i'm even more ahead than your rules forum is! XD
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