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  1. I'm the 4th french ! :-p pihug12 8)
  2. This means nothing like this will be implemented. Houps ! :? Sorry for the mistake. pihug12 8) [PS : Can you add a french sub-forum ? There are many french here !]
  3. Will this feature be added in v3.07? I search on the forum, I find nothing. This freeware is too complex for me. I'm just a secondary school student. pihug12 8)
  4. Cool, un ami français ! I don't want to use a word processor because I want to write complicated chemical formula with a strange page-setting. It's why I want to use Paint.NET. pihug12 8)
  5. Hello ! Is there an easy way to write some texts in exponentiation or subscript ? Can you improve that in a next release ? pihug12 8)
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