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  1. BoltBait, i fixed it. Pyrochild, it would be better if the fire/lightning thing had tile reflection as well 8/10
  2. maybe change the opacity or blending mode on the y? i set mine to overlay so it is invisible and takes the color from the background.
  3. yata=animations that are fun to stare at :shock: care bear stare as well
  4. the desktop photo is a photo i made with a link render i don't like icons
  5. i like the orb, but if i didn't have the white background it would be better 8/10
  6. genre would be classic rock i like pretty much anything by the red hot chili peppers
  7. nice sig, but the text is kinda boring 4/5 just because
  8. the new one cause it has more colors i think. its really hard to tell, oh well. I like both? :?
  9. @yata pretty colors (stares for hours...) 10/10 @rain I like the wave usage, and the butterfly is a nice touch, it's just missing something to me, i dunno what. 9.5/10
  10. back on topic... real wedding cake > lego wedding cake
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