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  1. why does it always have to be yata to post after me? he doesnt rate any more
  2. sign up for an account for photobucket and upload it there. then copy the img code into here edit: down, you keep posting what im going to say before me im such a slow typer...
  3. thats...not a url :? :?: thats where it is in your computer , unless we stole your computer or something, we'll never see that
  4. select image >ctrl+c paste with ctrl+v you cant see the clipboard
  5. still think you should change the blending mode on the Y
  6. just saying your avatar is really nice. but that really needs to be a png too. All i do is ave it as a png to my desktop and upload it to photobucket. it just takes longer to upload because pngs are generally bigger files
  7. might be better as a .png, if the white was supposed to be transparent. but thats a really nice entry regardless
  8. where'd you find that boat? it would be good for what im trying to make. nice photo, btw
  9. you posted this twice BTW, read the first post in this section
  10. i like it, but the words are hard to see thus 8.5/10
  11. It is much more useful than the windows unzip thing. The website is here just wanted to point this out.
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