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  1. ­­­©=alt+0169 BB idea is much better, im just putting it out there
  2. heeeyyy are you trying to use pyros awesomness to burn your siggy? 9.9/10
  3. Bang! Your wish came true! too bad you never made a wish i wish i had a 40 gbps internet connection
  4. you can now teleport, but only ½ of your body gets there, the other ½ ends up 20 miles away I wish i could fly
  5. im sorry, but your name is really long Somebody's watching me- Rockwell
  6. mkay, i wouldnt worry about it too much, although you should make a back up copy
  7. i like that part of your messed up tut though...
  8. anyone see the winner of the 'Skin a Scion' contest on dA? Its pretty fricken awesome
  9. very...boxy... 7/10 and yes uts japanese and it says (in phonetics) Soo-Pah-E-Ku* (i just get annoyed when people ask... :? )
  10. lol-unsplit i like that word even though its not a word i now have a 6 pack* of 16 year old Coca-Cola *of bottles, commemorative, Santa bottles
  11. pyro is already in school ^_^ but alas i start next tuesday
  12. ? just change the alpha value? in the color thing? press more? maybe? i really dont know... :?
  13. so you get talk about low grades yet get a 33 on your ACT? hmmm....
  14. I didnt know BMP had Alpha support... maybe your programs just crazy?
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