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  1. actually, my friend can make his face turn a purple red color
  2. rainshadow, in other things, like his spacescapes, it says Extra Studios, so that s what i assumed it means. btw, the petition was passed, you can take that out of your sig now
  3. i like brownie points! (rate ncfans too, because i already did, and i keep posting after him/her)
  4. i like how you scratched the background of the orb tc you know, if you median blur the top white layer and rotate it, it makes it look like a shine or something thats what i did for my avatar
  5. nice background 9/10 whatever happened to yata's sig?
  6. thats pretty nice, but the edges of the flag are all white... 8/10
  7. hows this? @drd, its too high for my tastes, but its nice
  8. oma urs is a nice orb, 8/10 already rated ncfans, it think
  9. adjustments>curves>scroll down to RGB> mess with it EDIT: dalton, to me, your avatar is really annoying
  10. macs are nice for people that are more of a music/movie making kind. The news mice actually have 2 buttons, there just not separated, and a track ball. BTW, flyakite OSX3 does a good job of changing the look of windows for you.
  11. in the settings, click the positions side tab, then click layering to desktop
  12. its where you make your brain hurt really bad, and eventually end up with something that didnt work out like you wanted to
  13. seriously, thats a nice fake ipod. i want one. NOW.
  14. i saw it in a newspaper story. no long explanation here. (no GIMP either)
  15. i have at leas 1 good idea and 5 bad ones a day
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