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  1. ummm, i guess you could make a new layer, make a ellipse so the corner you want rounded off is not selected, but the rest of the pic is, [ctrl]+ got to layer with pic and delete
  2. [img= image url thing here ] except no spaces, and with photo bucket they make this for you, the call it, guess what IMG Code!
  3. ahhh! math!! *hides in corner under desk* thats a nice picture cj
  4. at that point you may as well just get rid of them uH, i mean, the tab bar? come on just get rid of em
  5. 'we are taking over paint, dont try and stop us, for all ur base belong to us' orrrr WaTOP,DTaSU,FAurBBtU lol
  6. ... did you let it download completely? maybe your internet just hates you like Ubuntu hates uH
  7. truly, i dont recommend using PdN to do this
  8. *hangs head in despair* ahh ahh, different than sorrow ahh
  9. i havent seen the original in such a long time i honestly cant say tpbm wants to flock to CMD b/c hes a pro :wink:
  10. nope tpbm thinks im weird cause CMD said so (check the offtopic) @yata, ive seen you say that you live near there, i just dont have any relative place to know where that is? like, is it close to sylvania, toledo, etc.
  11. hey enormantor is back, havent seen you in while, still huge sigs as always andrew 7/10
  12. iz sad that i missed all this nonsense iz also sad that i didnt eat frojos 1000th post
  13. tis' my quickly put together collage all stock pics; e.g the wonders, are from the wiki site
  14. *laughs at yata* nahh im kiddin, but it has been raining here to for no reason.... how close to detroit do you live? maybe its the same weather system and btw, true TPBM would like to have a 40 Gbps internet connection
  15. yep, sure do, i think eraser made it, use search please
  16. that is the double bass the strings are very big really, i mean it
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