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  1. i can not stress to you enough how quick this was
  2. it should be checkerboard that means that the background is transparent and anything underneath it will show up but in order for this to happen you need to put the render on a new layer, which is one of the buttons in the bottom right corner window thing (there is a shortcut but i never use it :wink:) if you still have trouble just ask
  3. true, much too loud, and over all, i hate chores ^_^ tpbm has copied pyros sig at one point
  4. and the fact that pyro is king tpbm enjoys the wallpapers on dA
  5. Stadium Arcaduim is neither of those i think their may be one swear word that is indecipherable in one song
  6. yeah, at the end of their commercial it says really fast that this requires enrollment to triple something or another and uH, you now officially sound like a spammer
  7. so did make a wave, although it will still proly not die for awhile
  8. true tpbm thinks that it is weird that both mods are here at the same time
  9. nope, im good with my temp ^_^ tpbm likes .png's
  10. i just found out all of the keyboard shortcuts to firefox this is all i have to say :shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock:
  11. false although i just ate TPBM wants a pe ewith a cookie inside that ash made (he really didnt but i want him to ^^)
  12. depends on the concert TPBM still thinks BB's sig is somewhat sideways even though we know its not
  13. true TPBM wonders on how CMD did that with the backwards r
  14. you know what, it used to be that my comp was so bogged down with all this 3rd party start up software; e.g. RocketDock, Launchy, Google Web Accelerator, google talk, that i was lucky to even be able to get it in stand by mode so, i went through, and found out that the gwa client was using up almost 10mb of space, and thats not counting the fact that the actual gwa itself was using 3mb, RD also uses about 10 mb, google talk use almost 15 mb, and launchy about 7 mb, so i got rid of gwa and all is good in the world now ^^
  15. when i say this i thought some noob revived uH's old thread
  16. do you really welcome me? or are you just kidding 8.5/10 no critiques from me, sorry
  17. false although i wouldnt mind it ^^ tpbm wonders why pyro only bolded some of his plugins
  18. man: response? me: ... Y_Y =D <_< >_>
  19. well use multiple layers first off, and it looks like your tolerance is too high
  20. this is what i did, but i changed my mind on how to do it make a new layer, draw a curved line on the corner, select the corner on the new layer with the magic wand, delete on original layer, feather , and get rid of the second layer now see, if you wanted to round of all corners, that would of been easier new layer, draw rounded rectangle around edges select w/ magic wand, delete
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