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  1. I would recommend that rather than using noise you try this: 1 write your text over a black background 2 add a new layer and sett blending mode to multiply 3 render>clouds with roughness at pretty high settings then you'll get something like this: You might also want to add glow to your letters at some point, but just try things out and eventually you'll get something that works :wink:
  2. Thanks for the comments excellent! They both work in kinda different ways; the right one looks good in a realistic kind of way, while the left gives me a kind of "design/skin/logo"ish feel. don't know how to explain it better new paint pic I get bored near the end of making pics like this so it's far from perfect. Used a picture of myself for reference so it's actually KINDA looks like me :shock:
  3. This image looks amazing! :shock: The style you use has really inspired me to try it out myself. Haven't been able to produce anything nearly as good as yours though. can't wait to see the finished result
  4. I really like that effect. Tried it myself: Also tried my hands at 'painting' ^clickable^ edit: another paint thingy edit 2: the painting style ZizOiz uses in the "sunset tree" image has really inspired me! another try at painting. This has taken me most of the night, now it's 06:30 in the morning and I'm going to bed! ^clickable^ :shock: it's a demon! All images 100 % PDN
  5. Was messing around in Paint.NET, mostly with the Clone Stamp tool(I love that tool ). Made this: No stocks just cloning Here's the original picture: Link
  6. That's better than the other one. I like the border Some glasslike text i made
  7. didn't intend to use it as an avatar, but didn't know where to post it...
  8. Stocks: http://www.inkycircus.com/photos/uncategorized/2007/04/25/eye.jpg http://www.dvdtown.com/images/displayimage.php?id=3684 http://static.howstuffworks.com/gif/diesel-jeep-engine.jpg http://www.nefaria.co.uk/images/TR108920-Horned-Demon-Drum-.jpg Idea for hand eye combo: http://movies.apple.com/trailers/lions_gate/theeye2007/images/theEye-trailerPage_02.jpg
  9. my new desktop background, for about one day...
  10. thanks, the flames are a stock image though. I tried making it myself with clouds and stuff, but this looked better.
  11. i can see it perfectly A picture I edited of my brother. Think I might have gone a bit overkill, but so be it clickable edit: made just for fun. The image editing part is that I only used one photo, so i had to clone stamp and then cut out the person in it. clickable
  12. Very cool I tried my hands on the PS tut for that effect: .... well kinda, just did what I remembered after reading it Original
  13. My newest desktop background "dragon eye". It lasted for about 10 minutes before I changed it. made just for fun though, didn't care to match the lighting on the scales and stuff...
  14. Thanks. For the skin I made a scale thingy, then tried (and failed) at making it seamless: Then i just tiled it and added color etc etc
  15. Dunno where else to post this. Just a little experiment. :wink:
  16. That's awesome 007 Nab. The lighting on the hill is very cool Made this quite some time ago. It's my version of the Octavarium cover art
  17. Hi! I'm Olav. Welcome to my partly random selection of images made, by me, with Paint.NET. I haven't got the time to comment the images right now, but maybe I'll write something later. And the images are not listed by quality or anything. All thumbnails are clickable Some random images: Some buttons:
  18. Something I made yesterday. Don't think I'll use it though, was just in the chrome mood
  19. I like the style R3VENGE. it's quite simple yet it looks good Here's my current desktop background:
  20. awesomeness k.digennaro and PrettyDarnNeat testing out custom brushes plug-in on background. The text was just cause i thought it lacked something
  21. very cool janettsue. colors reminds me a bit more about summer than spring though, but that might just be me... chrome cross turned into a helmet thingy...
  22. Agreed. anyway, here what I've got so far in the manipulation contest.
  23. Tried to make a landscape "Madjik style" using gravity plugin
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