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  1. Thanks, and right back at you! I really like that lion of yours
  2. Thanks Yes I know, but when I was making this the other night I got too lazy to finish it I was really just trying something I had been thinking about making this pic, and posted the results here.
  3. I made a magnifying glass once. I just used the lens effect for the ehh... magnification (?) glass lab thing (don't know what it's called) :?
  4. Changed the eyes. They're not that good, but I think it's better than the other pic. Now it looks all sad
  5. Would also be cool to be able to select the twist center, like you can with the zoom blur deluxe effect
  6. Been experimenting with Ash's hair/fur/grass tutorial. First one is a hedgehog curled up on grass. Second one is just something I made with "leftover grass". Got the inspiration for a name-in-grass pic from MadJik's old siggy, and the lens flare thing from Ash's grass pic
  7. Thanks, I tried out your tip, and must say I'm much more happy with the grass now The eyes and nose aren't that good though.
  8. Made this diamond thingy based on Ash's tutorial. As I didn't have access to the internet at the time I, forgot some of the steps. Am, btw, liking your new avatar verndewd
  9. Ash this tutorial is amazing! :!: @madhatterl7: Looks awesome! Is that 100% Paint.net? :o I played around making grass and what is supposed to resemble a hedgehog. Not finished as you can see, but I thought I would post it anyway. Grass kinda looks like seaweed or something... :?
  10. looks awesome jake2k 8) Really like the animated one A glass moon. :Sharpen:
  11. :shock: :o That's incredible! Verndewd, I crown you King of Chrome! And oma can be queen of glass Looks great! Loving the flare and, well, everything!
  12. "Memories" (a bit big :oops: ) Images used: hand picture edit: uploaded updated image
  13. I'll make an account as soon as I can, it will have to wait over the weekend though. :wink:
  14. Edit: Thanks! Thanks oma. As for the magnifying glass I started of with your glass tutorial, but i found that the lens effect looked better than what i managed to make... No, I have a photobucket account, but i guess that's not the same. Maybe I'll make one. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is oma german for grandmother?
  15. Was experimenting with making a rock by a water. Didn't really find a good way to make it look like the rock stood up from the water. At least not a way it looked realistic. The grass is made from the Creating Grass tutorial (of course ) Dream Theater signature:
  16. Been playing around with making "planets" using rect to polar effect: 1 2 planet cut in half...? Inspired by a photoshop tutorial in popular photography which did the same ting with 360˚ panorama photographs. Edit: I tried the popular photography tutorial with a picture i found on the internet:
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